Richard Norman has a few of the comforts of home plus necessities when he makes his long-distance travels to hither and yon on his Farmall 560 tractor.

Besides the large canopy on the tractor to keep the sun (and sometimes the rain) off, there is a backup camera, bike speedometer to monitor speed, GPS to tell him where to turn, a snack tray with cup holders for water and Pringles chips and belt-driven air compressor for the air-ride seat and other air needs such as low tires.

The tractor is also equipped with running boards on each side for extra fuel and tool storage, and what he calls his “Amish battery charger” — a Yanmar diesel belted to a Delco 12-volt alternator.

The 560 gets about 12 mpg.

“The driver," Norman said, "gets about 100 miles to a can of Pringles."