Thunder finish on a high note

Midwest Thunder players (Left to Right) Jake Butler, DJ Davis, Chris Bush, Emarion White, Coach Dre Rice, Jayden Rice, Conner Smith and Coach William Calbert. Not Pictured: Kordell Glover, Austo Li, David Riley, Lukus Shadwick and Luke Swanson. 

Rantoul — The Midwest Thunder AAU basketball team that is based out of Rantoul and made up of sixth-grade boys ended its season with a first-place finish in the one-day Summer Nationals Shootout. 

The shootout was hosted at the Edward Hospital Athletic center in Romeoville.

The Thunder won the championship game, defeating team Q-DBL, 35-31.

This group of boys started working together in spring 2017 when head coach William Calbert established the Thunder. 

The Thunder played in tournaments that were hosted in Rantoul as well as tournaments in huge complexes like the Indiana Pacers Athletic Center. 

The Thunder got second place in the United Hoops National Tournament that was hosted in Bloomington in mid-July. 

The Thunder ended this season which started in October of 2018 with an impressive record of 81-26. 

Thunder players included Jake Butler, Chris Bush, DJ Davis, Kordell Glover, Austo Li,  Jayden Rice, David Riley, Lukus Shadwick, Conner Smith and Emarion White. Dre Rice joined Calbert as a coach.  

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