The National Football League is officially back, and boy did it ever let everyone know. 

The first order of business to talk about is the absolute disaster that was Antonio Brown’s stint with the Oakland Raiders. Something was off from the jump when those two parties came together. 

Jon Gruden and Brown probably are two of the oddest characters the NFL has to offer. Brown is undoubtedly one of if the best talented players on the field. 

Off the field that guy is just a nightmare. If one of the multiple incidents he has had in the last couple of months was isolated, maybe you could give him a break, but they aren’t. I would not want that guy on my team no matter what and definitely not on my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. 

Could you imagine the disaster that would be? Now I will say the one other team I would not want him on is the team that just picked him up, the New England Patriots. I told anyone who would listen the Patriots were either going to trade for Brown or they would pick him up and pick him up they did. 

I can only hope that his toxic attitude could somehow ruin what the Patriots have going on. Brown had to sit out the Patriots’ win over the Steelers on Sunday night. He is expected to be back this week when the New England takes on the Miami Dolphins. 

Bears disaster 

Moving from one disaster to another, what in the world was that performance from the Bears last Thursday night? 

I am not a fan of the Bears in any way, but even I was puzzled by that display. Mitch Trubisky looked pretty much as bad he possibly could have. The defense showed up and held Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to just 10 points, but even with that the game never really seemed that close. 

The Bears now move on to face the Denver Broncos in the mile high city. I would not push the panic button after week one, but if you don’t see improvements on Sunday then you could definitely think about it.

Sunday’s headlines

Sunday had its fair share of fun moments and some not so fun for certain teams. 

To lead it off let’s talk about the absolute beat down the Ravens put on the Dolphins. 59-10 should never happen in the NFL.                                                                 

I know the Dolphins were projected in the bottom five this year, but you’ve got to at least get off the bus. Like I mentioned earlier, now the Dolphins get to welcome the Patriots to town. Good luck with that. 

The Kansas City Chiefs looked primed for another big season, defeating the Jaguars pretty handily. However, the biggest story coming out of that game was the injury to Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles. Foles will miss significant time, likely ruining the Jags’ playoff chances that may have already been slim. 

Possibly the most disappointing performance of the day was by the Cleveland Browns. A lot of people predicted the Browns to make the playoffs this year, and they got their absolute doors blown off by the Titans. Baker Mayfield threw three interceptions, and the defense gave up 43 points. 

Not great for the Browns, and at this point you just have to feel for their fans. 

The Eagles and Bills both came from down double digits to win their week one matchups. The Colts came back with a last-minute touchdown before falling in overtime, thanks to an Austin Ekeler touchdown, which made me and my fantasy team happy. 

The Cardinals also fought back from double digits to tie the Lions. 

Unfortunately, a game that had twist and turns and great plays ended in a tie. 

I don’t understand how having teams play for 70 minutes, leaving their hearts on the line and then letting them tie is a good idea. 

They absolutely need to fix the overtime rules because a tie in football is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. 

Now what I have waited all this time to talk about. The Dallas Cowboys looked awesome on Sunday. I completely understand it was against Eli Manning and the Giants, but if you’re looking for me and the other Cowboys fans to not overreact, you’re looking at the wrong fan base. 

Dak Prescott looked awesome, Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup looked great, and former Packer Randall Cobb tore it up in his debut. 

The Cowboys have to win the next two games if they want to make a huge run this year. Dallas heads to Washington D.C. for the second straight divisional opponent to open the year before hosting the Miami Dolphins for a game that I will be in attendance for. 

Those two games are huge for the Cowboys because neither of those teams are any good. However, for all the teams it was just week 1 and everyone knows they don’t give out championship trophies in week one. But regardless I am so excited that football is back and that the Cowboys dominated.

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