RANTOUL — The Rantoul swim team got off to a solid start in its first meet at the Rantoul pool on Saturday against Danville.

The team won its meet after finishing with 280 points. Danville ended up with 122 points.

The top swimmers for Rantoul were Peyton Huls, Marshall Horton, Blake Bermingham and Abbi Hinkle. 

Bermingham, Hinkle and Horton finished in the top three for the butterfly swim. 

Huls, Hinkle and Bermingham finished with high scores in the freestyle race.

The top swimmers in the breastroke were Huls and Bermingham.

In the backstroke, the finalists were Huls, Hinkle and Horton.

“Those four people really helped out the team with most of its points,” Rantoul head swim coach Danielle Birch said. 

Birch said the beginning of the season is usually the one of the toughest parts for the kids as it can take time for them to get used to competing against other teams.

“We worked them really hard to get them prepared for the first meet,” Birch said. “I think it went pretty well for our first meet. First meets are always rough, but I think we planned it very good.”

Rantoul had 41 swimmers for the meet, making it one of the largest teams in its league.

The next meet for Rantoul will be against Gibson City this Saturday at the Hap Parker Family Aquatic Center. The meet will start at 9 a.m.

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