FISHER — Lucas Chittick has been having quite the year on the Fisher High School boys track team, to say the least.

Chittick finished second in the 3200-meter race at Saturday’s Illinois Prep Top Times Class AA Meet.

Chittick finished with a time of 9:35, beating his previous record (9:52) for the 3200-meter.

"He got 17 seconds shaved off his time," Fisher coach Michael Hallden said. "Lucas had a really good day."

Qualified for the Boston Marathon

To add that, Chittick will also be running in another prestigious event, the Boston Marathon.

On April 15, Chittick will be one of the thousands of runners who will take part in the marathon. The marathon is approximately 26.2 miles.

"It’s a marathon," Chittick said. "I think we start in this town called Hopskin and then we end in Boston."

To qualify for the marathon, Chittick had to compete in the Shawnee Marathon that was in Harrisburg back in October 2017. Chittick had to finish the marathon under the three-hour limit. The marathon was a total distance of 23.1 miles. Chittick finished the marathon with a final time of 2:59:45, which qualified him for Boston.

When Chittick was over half done with the marathon, he had an unexpected encounter with a dog.

"When I started out the race, I just kind of thought about finishing it," Chittick said. "But about mile 20 I had a pit bull chase me. So my thought was, ‘don’t get bit by the pit bull.’"

Chittick did eventually finish the Shawnee Marathon safely and after catching his breath for a moment, came to the realization he could be going to Boston. "When I finished, I was pretty happy to be done," Chittick said. "I just kind of laid on the ground for a minute or two. Then I realized that I might be able to go to Boston. I was pretty excited about that."

Chittick found out he qualified for the Boston Marathon last September. The opportunity to participate in the event means a lot to him and is something he can carry for the rest of his life.

"It’s an accomplishment that if I do then I’ll be able to be proud of it for my entire life," Chittick said.

Hallden said for Chittick to be participating in the Boston Marathon is a great way for him to represent Fisher High School and the community.

"For him to achieve a milestone that qualifies him for the Boston Marathon is just excellent," Hallden said. "As a coach, I just wanted to support him and for him to be successful when he goes to run in April. He’s excited to represent the Fisher community and Fisher High School as well."

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