Nolan Roseman signs letter of intent to play baseball at Quincy

 Senior Nolan Roseman made it official on Wednesday by signing a letter of intent to Quincy University where he will play baseball. Shown are, from left, front row, his father, Cory Roseman; Nolan Roseman and coach Jon Donovan. Back row, his sister Madelyn Nolan and his mother, Tena Nolan. 


RANTOUL — Rantoul Township High School senior Nolan Roseman made it official after signing a letter of intent on Wednesday that he will be taking his baseball career to Quincy University.

Roseman’s teammates, family and coaches from the Eagles baseball team gathered in the RTHS boardroom to in support of Roseman as he signed on the dotted line.

“This is just a moment that is going to be in his life for a short time, but all those character traits that allows you the opportunity to do things like this are going to carry over to the rest of his life,” Eagles baseball coach Jon Donovan said.

Donovan said these type of opportunities don’t happen very often for many athletes because although they may have the talent, unlike Roseman, they may not possess the necessary attributes to succeed.  

“There are a lot of athletes that may have an opportunity like this, but maybe their character traits are lacking,” Donovan said. “His are not. That’s another reason why he gets to do something like this.”

Roseman’s decision to go to Quincy was due to the impression the coaches, team and the university left on him.

“I just felt that their program was the best option for me,” Roseman said. “I just felt comfortable with their facilities and their team overall.”

For Roseman, playing baseball for RTHS has been an influential part of his life because of the coaches and teammates who have shown their support.

“Being around the coaches and all my teammates for four years has helped me grow as a player and as a person,” Roseman said. “They helped me understand the game before I came here. I would not be where I am now without them.”

Donovan said Roseman has set an example at RTHS, because of his work ethic as both an athlete and a student that have “defined him.”

“It’s just a continual process, year-to-year of developing not only as a player, but as a person,” Donovan said. “It’s not just a baseball skill set; rather it’s an athlete and student one. 

This season for the Eagles, Roseman as a pitcher has an ERA of 3.09, 48 strikeouts and a .191 on-base average. Roseman has also pitched a no-hitter.

Donovan said it was special that Roseman chose to play baseball at Quincy because he had other options.

“He could have wrestled,” Donovan said. “This isn’t some low-level college. This is one of the best around.”

Roseman said he was grateful for all the work his teammates have done on and off the field that made him improve as a player the past four years.

“They have always been able to go get extra work with me,” Roseman said. 

“They have been willing to do whatever it takes to get me better. It’s been a great way just to have my friends support me over the years.”

Roseman loved playing baseball growing up. It was his favorite sport, and the chance to play the sport in college is special.

“It’s a dream to play at the next level,” Roseman said. “I’m just glad that I have got the opportunity to.” 

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