Meet the new guy — and he’s from Rantoul


Rantoul is my hometown, and sports are my passion, so being the sports editor at the Rantoul Press was almost destined, right? Well, destined or not it happened. I am writing to you for the first time as the Rantoul Press Sports editor.   Although it seems to be my destiny, I haven’t always been a writer.

 After graduating from Rantoul Township High School in 2015, I went to Parkland College to study communications. I soon realized radio was something I was interested in. I then started my career at WPXN in Paxton before moving to Farmer City and working for WEXG. So bear with me as I dive into a career as a writer.

 I’m sure you will see me wear gear for all my favorite teams, and trust me there is a lot of them, but just so you can beware, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan along with the Chicago White Sox, Blackhawks and Fighting Illini. I do like some teams that are not as popular around these parts like Notre Dame football and the Milwaukee Bucks.

My knowledge for sports goes back far beyond before I was born, and I have very good memories of games from years back. Obviously the best is Illini basketball 2005 Elite Eight against Arizona. Unfortunately, with the teams I choose to root for I have far more bad memories with games. A fair warning to everyone, the “Dez Catch” game from the 2014 NFL playoffs is off limits to talk about. And, yes, he caught the ball.

I am excited for this opportunity to begin my professional career as a writer and I can’t wait to make more memories with sports and share them with you along the way.

I have read the Rantoul Press my entire life, and I know how important sports are to this area, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I know I will give you guys my best effort and content. Go Trojans, Bunnies and Eagles! Contact Ryan Birch at and on Twitter @RyanBirchRP