Hall to Study biology at University of Michigan

Elijah Hall racing in a meet at Rantoul Township High School. The 2019 graduate will enroll at Michigan University. 


RANTOUL — Elijah Hall has made it official. 

Hall will be attending the University of Michigan where he plans to major in biology for his undergrad. Hall plans on going to grad school so he can become a veterinarian.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to work with animals,” Hall said. “When I got into high school it was just figuring out in what capacity. Being a veterinarian is just what I fell on.”

Hall chose Michigan because of its academic prestige and location. The other college he was considering was Illinois Wesleyan University.

“I have family there, so I wouldn’t be all alone,” Hall said. “Academically it’s pretty good. Size-wise it was also a bigger school’ which is what I was looking for.”

Hall will still be keeping up with his running as he plans to join a running club that is much like a track team. The team is not affiliated with the University of Michigan track team.

“They have a running club that travels and do different cross country and track meets,” Hall said. “Its almost like it’s own separate team. It’s not a part of the track team, but they’ll go to some of the same track meets.”

Hall’s last year on the Rantoul Township High School track team will be a memorable one to say the least. He was a part of the 1,600-meter relay team that won bronze at state in May. Hall was also apart of the 4x800 relay team that broke the school record in March.

“I had a lot of fun this year,” Hall said. “It was nice just being around for everything that happened. I am definitely going to miss being a part of the track and cross country teams next year, but I’m excited about going to Michigan.” 

Rantoul track coach Mitch Wilson said that Hall has led by example of being a great student athlete. 

“We only get four short years to spend together,” Wilson said. “I am certainly looking forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the next chapter of his life.”

Hall said he will miss going to track meets and those moments of bonding with his coaches and teammates.

“Those moments we were all together just all around each other,” Hall said. “Just being a team I guess. I’m thankful for the coaches because they were always supportive.” 

Hall has lived in Rantoul for most of his life. What Hall will miss the most about Rantoul is the community and his friends.

“Especially this year I feel like people would just in the community talk to me asking me about track,” Hall said. “Telling me good luck and ask me how I am doing. I’ll definitely miss that and being able to see my friends on the regular.”