If you are someone who likes to watch high school basketball, then you should be excited. In just a few weeks the IHSA postseason is here for 1A-2A girls, and the rest is right around the corner.

I know a lot of people like to look for the best regional in the area and then head there to watch some great basketball.

Luckily for people in this area the best regional in the state might be right here in Rantoul.

The regional is normally five teams that come from a 10-team subsectional and are split up by seeds and location to the host school.

The subsectional that Rantoul is in this year is only nine teams, but that in no way means it is weak.

I challenge anyone to find a 3A subsectional that is tougher than the one Rantoul is in, and I’ll be waiting a while.

The rest of the subsectional includes Bloomington, Champaign  Centennial, Champaign Central, Danville, Lincoln, Mahomet-Seymour, Morton and Urbana.

If you are familiar with local high school basketball, you don’t need any more proof about how tough that is going to be to navigate. But in case you are not familiar, the combined record of the eight teams Rantoul could have to face is 107-80, and a good amount of those losses have come again against each other.  

I spoke with Mahomet-Seymour head coach Ryan Bosch, and he is well aware how the tough it will be to win. Bosch said it didn’t take him long to realize how loaded his sub sectional was.

“Honestly my first reaction was kind of a gut punch. It’s the reality of the situation. You’re going to have to play good teams to advance, but to have to play them so early is going to be tough,” Bosch said.

A lot of the teams have seen each other already, which Bosch said is an advantage.

“It is helpful to have a sense of where you stack up and see strengths and weaknesses. Some of the teams, it’s been so long since we have played, but it is still nice to have been on the floor with them,” Bosch said.

Despite the tough road ahead, Bosch said it is not something he has discussed with his team yet.

“As a coach it’s in the back of your mind. You are always looking at things big picture, but we are kind of lost in the day-to-day right now and focusing on the game ahead,” Bosch said.

Bloomington, Centennial and Danville all moved down from 4A this season, which plays into the tough subsectional. If you look at other local subsectionals it does appear that some of these teams could have been split up. Despite that Bosch does not have a huge problem with the way it is set up this season.

“I wouldn’t tell you I have a good answer on what changes you would make. You would like to see it more balanced, but it is the postseason, and you have to play who you play,” he said.

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