The MLB does a great job of finding ways to keep their scandals out of the season so by the time the season come around people will have forgotten about it. 

The Houston Astros have been accused of using a camera that was placed in center field during home games to steal their opponents signs in 2017. 

Now this has been a pretty big story but with the NFL and NBA going on it is not the number one story every day like it probably would be if it was in the middle of baseball season. 

As far how I feel about it? I think you have to punish the Astros pretty harshly. I’m not exactly sure how you go about it but I definitely think suspensions are in play. I just don’t think that fining an MLB team does anyone any good. The Astros make so much money that it isn’t going to matter.

It is pretty obvious that the Astros did cheat. Mike Fiers was on the Astros that season and was one of the first people to come out and say that it happened. Also if you look at the batting average splits for home and away in the 2017 world series which is when they were accused of cheating, almost every Astro’s player hit way better at home than they did on the road. 

To me the big problem is not necessarily that stole signs it is that they used a camera to do it. 

If you have a player on second base and he is relaying the message that is one thing, that happens at every level of baseball. You can defend against that by hiding your signs. If there is a camera getting your sign on every pitch you can’t really do anything about that. 

So I think suspensions are going to come down which are probably more than likely coming down on the coaching staff and front office. It is a lot easier to punish the manager and team personnel than players. Obviously you can’t suspend the entire team and it is hard to know which players received the signs so you just have to start at the top. 

Earlier I mentioned that this is dead time in the MLB. For me though, this is the most exciting time I have had in years. As a White Sox fan I have had very little to be excited about in the last 15 years. I was in fifth grade the last time the White Sox made the playoffs. The drought appears to be on it’s way to an end. The White Sox have just signed the best free agent catcher in Yasmani Grandal. Grandal is the best  free agent catcher but he might even be the best catcher in the MLB, top five with out a doubt. That signing is a great start for the Sox but it can’t stop their. The Sox need starting pitching. Shortly after the Grandal signing was announced the Sox were rumored  to be in the running for former Mets starter Zack Wheeler. That would be a huge step in the rotation. I can absolutely get behind a n opening day rotation of Lucas Giolito, Zack Wheeler, Michael Kopech, Reynaldo Lopez and Dylan Cease. 

If you can put that rotation paired with the offensive power that Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu, Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez and  Grandal bring this team could be a legit AL Central contender next year. Adding to that group will be  rookies Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal who should both be up shortly after the season begins.

I try all the time to not let my self get to excited about my teams, especially before they play  a game. But at this point I am to far into it and here I am wearing White Sox gear in November. Nothing can go wrong with that kind of confidence. Right? 

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