Every year it seems like there is that one loss that leaves us Illini fans shaking our heads.  

Now sure there are always a lot of losses, but this one really stings. 

Eastern Michigan is a MAC school; under no circumstance can they walk in here in beat Illinois and it be acceptable. Just one week before a night game at home against Nebraska, Lovie Smith and his team let us down again. 

I really try to stay positive, but I can’t after this loss. I have stuck behind Lovie, but I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to do that. 

The offense struggled most of this game, but if you put up 31 points at home against a MAC school you should win. No way can you give up 34 points to Eastern Michigan. Smith has nobody to blame anymore. That is his defense, he recruited these guys, and he is now the defensive coordinator. 

The offense tied the game late in the fourth, and just like that the defense got absolutely shredded and gave up the game-winning field goal. That is absolutely unacceptable, and I and many other Illini fans in attendance were left speechless. 

This was the year I have been pointing to for a while to be able to at least make a bowl game. Now does this loss mean that we have no chance of making a bowl game? No, but I am certainly not banking on winning four Big Ten games. 

Like I said a lot of the blame goes on the defense, but I do have one big question for the offense. Where is Isaiah Williams? What is he here for if he isn’t going to play? 

I understand needing a veteran to help the young guys, but we have seen three games, and Williams has not seen the field once! 

That is unacceptable, even if you don’t trust him to be the starter there is absolutely no way he can’t at least come in for some gadget plays and change-of-pace situations. And if he can’t, well then he shouldn’t be on the team, and I think we would all agree he should be. 

I could easily ramble on about how bad this team makes me feel, but I don’t want to do that anymore. At least my Fighting Irish looked great on Saturday, albeit against a bad New Mexico team. Now on to the Georgia Bulldogs for what should be an outstanding game.

Week 2 in the NFL

Week two in the NFL was interesting once again. It may not have had the wild stories that came in week one, but it was entertaining nonetheless. The biggest headline was Drew Brees going down with a thumb injury. It does not appear Brees will be out too long, but it does appear it will be at least a couple of weeks. 

The Saints fell to the Rams on Sunday in a rematch of the NFC title game last week. The officials again got a call wrong, hurting the Saints in a matchup between these two teams, but this time I don’t believe it had an effect on the outcome of the game. 

This week there were a lot of good games but none better than the wild game that took place in Denver. The Broncos scored a touchdown with less than a minute to go and decided to go for two after a delay of game and then an off sides penalty on the Bears when the Broncos kicker missed the extra point. 

The Broncos got the two points, but Eddy Pinero saved the day with a last-second game-winning field goal. It’s OK, Bears fans, you can breathe, and the season is not over just two weeks in. However, the offense might want to figure something out because they stink right now. 

However, a win is a win. Sunday night also came with a great game. The Falcons took down the Eagles in a wild game in Atlanta. Julio Jones had a 54-yard touchdown catch and run late in the fourth quarter to give the Falcons the win. 

The Colts, Seahawks, Packers and Ravens all came away with close wins. One team that didn’t win a close game was my Dallas Cowboys, who stomped the Redskins in Washington D.C. Dak Prescott looked really good again, and the offense in general is rolling through two games. 

Like I said before, the Cowboys have to win the first three games, and right now it appears that is going to happen. If the Cowboys find a way to lose at home against the Dolphins, who have gotten beat by 40-plus points in both of their games, I will not know what to do with myself. 

However, anything with the Cowboys is possible. Next week should be another interesting week with some good games on the slate with one game that should be awesome. The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Baltimore Ravens in a game between two undefeated teams who have scored a ton of points in both of their games.

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