I have never wanted to answer the question, What is life like with out sports? But unfortunately I and every other sports fan has had to over the last four weeks. 

For some people, life has gone as normal without sports. I have had to change my everyday routine. 

I already talked about some of the movies I have watched. But now since there are no games to show, stations like ESPN are showing throwback games. 

So far I have seen some amazing games that brought me back a few years.

No. 1 on the list is the 2005 Elite Eight game when Illinois came back on Arizona. 

That comeback was so unlikely that even when you know the outcome it doesn’t seem possible. 

Watching the game again reminded me of what I was doing when it happened. 

I was in second grade at the time and was completely obsessed with that team. 

With about five minutes to go I thought the game was over and had completely given up. 

I headed to my room and hid and cried under my Chief Illiniwek blanket. After about three minutes of my breakdown the Illini started to comeback. I heard my family in the other room cheer a little bit, but I still thought we had no shot. When the lead got cut to seven my mom came in the room and convinced me to come back out. 

Those next two minutes of regulation is something I will never forget. The replay of the inbounds pass being stolen and Deron Williams getting open to hit the game-tying three will forever give me the chills. 

The craziest part about that game was that after all the work it took to tie the game, it was not close to being over. 

The game went to overtime, and Arizona still had plenty of chances to win. 

I told family who I was rewatching the game with, thank  God I was a little kid when this happened. 

I didn’t know any better. I should’ve been a nervous wreck. I was more worried about wiping the tears from my eyes than anything else. 

If that game happened today I would probably need CPR well before the final buzzer. 

The closest thing I have seen as an Illini fan to that game was the Illini football game at Michigan State in November. 

The Illini were down 28-3 and came back to clinch a bowl game, all while I was in the stands to see it.

The stakes for that game were not nearly as high as going to the Final Four, and yet there I was with my head in my hands during a timeout late in the fourth quarter. 

The only good thing about this no-sports thing is it gave me a chance to relive one of best days of my life. 

Let’s hope Ayo Dosunmo watched the re-run of the game as well and wants to get his shot at playing in the Final Four next year. 

Ed Farmer 

As I wrote last week and many times before, I have been a White Sox fan my entire life. 

When I was growing up, the White Sox were not always great, but they were always worth watching and listening to. 

There were two reasons for that —  Hawk Harrelson and Ed Farmer. Last year was the first year Harrelson was not in the TV booth due to his retirement. 

Farmer was the White Sox radio announcer and had just as many one-liners as Harrelson. Farmer passed away on Thursday, leaving the White Sox fan base and all of baseball deeply saddened. 

Farmer was still calling games last year and was supposed to again this season. 

As a diehard Sox fan, I struggle with knowing that right when the White Sox are expected to turn things around, the  voices of the team will no longer be there. But I smile because they gave me a reason to watch and listen to bad baseball, and that is not easy to do. 

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