There have been a few constants in the last 10 years of the NFL. The two main ones that come to my mind have been painful for me and my rooting interests.

The first one is that the Patriots are in the Super Bowl or at the bare minimum AFC Championship game every year. 

The even more painful one for me was that Jason Garrett was the coach of the Dallas Cowboys. 

Both of those things are no longer true. The Patriots have been eliminated by the Tennessee Titans, and the Dallas Cowboys have parted ways with Jason Garrett and hired former Packers coach Mike McCarthy. 

I will dive into the Patriots situation first. Despite the 12-4 record, you could tell this Patriots team just wasn’t very good. Tom Brady is not the same quarterback he used to be, and the defense that was at one point the best in the league was not nearly as good at the end of the year. 

So you add those things together and you get a first-round exit. This would always be a big deal, but with Brady being a free agent it seems like a little bit bigger. I do not think this was the last time we will see Brady in a Patriots uniform, but it definitely could be.

 What do the Patriots do next? 

 If I was the Patriots I would bring him back for one year and try to find his backup in the draft this season. But if for some reason New England decides to move on, I would just retire if I was Brady. 

If Brady hangs it up tomorrow, he would retire as the greatest quarterback of all time. As much as it pains me to say, there really isn’t any way to dispute it. 

The Brady-led Patriots have more Super Bowls rings than any other franchise in the league except for the Steelers, whom Brady himself is tied with, both having six. Why would you risk tainting your career by going anywhere else? 

I guess he could still have that fire, but at this point he can only have one, probably two, years at most left in the tank. I think the only way he would go somewhere else is if he thinks he could walk in and be a contender right away. And I’m not sure there are many teams that are set up like that but just need a quarterback. 

I think the most likely scenario is the first one I laid out. The Patriots will sign him to a short deal and look for him to train his backup. 

Bye Bye, Jason Garrett, hello Mike McCarthy

 In perfect Cowboys fashion they waited until I had already had a big column written out talking about who I wanted to be the coach. 

I do have to say as much hate as I have given Jerry Jones, the guy is a genius. His waiting until halftime of a playoff game in which his rival was playing to release the news that he officially fired Jason Garrett was brilliant. He took the attention from the game that was being played and put it on the  Cowboys. 

Then on Monday morning when everyone was ready to talk about the fantastic slate of playoff games that happened over the weekend, he dropped the bomb that the Cowboys had hired Mike McCarthy. That once again took the attention from the actual playoff teams and turned it to the Cowboys. 

Now how do I feel about Mike McCarthy? If Jones would’ve waited until after the deadline to release the news you would have known how I felt before they hired him. 

I have said for a few weeks now that for some reason the guy I wanted was Urban Meyer. I really didn’t like him at Ohio State, but for some reason I felt like he was the guy.

I also felt McCarthy is a good coach, and I think the Aaron Rodgers beef is over blown.

For those of you who don’t know McCarthy was in Green Bay as the Packers head coach for a long time. The reason his time was ended in Green Bay was not necessarily because of his record but because of his rocky relationship with Rodgers.

 Aaron Rodgers is a jerk 

 The reason I say I think it is overblown is because it is pretty well known that Rodgers is a jerk. It has been reported that Rodgers and his own family don’t even talk, so I can’t McCarthy having a tough time getting along with him.

I have held this opinion for a while. If you have as much money as Rodgers has and your family still doesn’t want to talk to you, something has to be wrong. 

The reason McCarthy wasn’t my first choice had nothing to do with Rodgers. It was mostly because I wanted something new. McCarthy has been around for a while, and I’m not sure how much new stuff he is going to add to the team. I think it is obvious he is a step up from Garrett, but I think the big deal for him will be who he hires as his assistants. Regardless of what happens next I am excited for the change. And yes I will be forever in debt to McCarthy if he can take them to a Super Bowl for the first time since I have been alive. 

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