How do you go about living when the entire world is in a panic? Up until a week or two ago this was a question that you would only see answered in movies. 

Since COVID-19 broke out we have all had to answer this question. One of my favorite things that I have heard so much is “This is so crazy. I have never been through something like this.

 Well, yeah, neither has anyone else who is alive unless they were an infant. But all sarcasm aside, I had to sit back and really answer that question I asked earlier. 

My column last week was called “What am I going to do with my life?” The reason I asked that was because my entire life revolved around sports until a week ago. 

So, while you’re stuck at home in quarantine, I thought maybe you would want to read how a 22-year-old sports editor who has never gone more than a day without watching lives since he turned five sports is living his life. 

The first thing I did was start to watch movies. I have never really been a movie person because I just don’t take time out of my day to watch things that are not sports-related. In fact, I am so out of touch with the movie world that my girlfriend had to make a list of movies that I had to watch because she was so shocked I had not seen them yet. 

The first movie I watched was “The Greatest Showman.” If you have not seen it I 10 out of 10 would recommend. I have not stopped singing/listening to the soundtrack since watching it. 

I also watched the movie “Wonder,” which is about a kid who has a facial deformity and how attending school changed his life. I don’t know how but my girlfriend really dropped the ball on that movie choice. Who shows a guy that is depressed about there being no sports a movie about a kid being bullied? I will give her credit, though.  The movie was pretty good. At least what I did see of it through my tears.

Movies only lasted me so long, though, before I had to see some amount of sports. On Wednesday night when I should have been watching the first four games of the NCAA Tournament, I went on youtube and watched high lights of every game of the last four tournaments. 

The bad thing about watching those games was it reminded me that Illinois didn’t play in any of those games. It then brought me to the realization that the last two times the Illini have made the tournament, something devastating has happened. 

The first time was in 2013 when the Illini played Miami in the second round. There was a terrible call in the final two minutes which cost Illinois a chance to win. That call led to adoption of the rule where the officials can review plays in the last two minutes of any game. 

And obviously this time they would have made the NCAA tournament and they did not even get the chance to play due to it being canceled. 

Sometimes you have to wonder if curses are real because Illini sports just can’t catch a break.

The next thing that I did to fill my sports need was to fire up NCAA basketball 10 on the  Play Station 3. They have not made a basketball game since 2010, so I had to go back and play a 10-year-old game. I am not sure if that makes me pathetic or just someone who needs all the sports he can get. Or who knows? Those two things might go hand in hand.

I don’t know how long this thing will last, but I do know it has only been a week and I am running out of options to keep myself sane.

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