Oct. 16 — Ham casserole, corn, herbed peas, whole grain wheat bread and tropical fruit.

Oct. 17 — Vegetable beef soup, celery sticks, cottage cheese salad, peanut butter cup, crackers and apricots.  

Oct. 18 — Taco salad with meat, lettuce, beans, tomato pears, taco chips and pudding.

Oct. 21 — Chicken with dumplings, mashed potatoes, seasoned black-eyed peas, whole grain wheat bread and grapes.

Oct. 22 — Saucy ham loaf, creamed peas and potatoes, Italian mixed veggies, dinner roll and pineapple slices.

Oct. 23— Cabbage rolls in sauce, corn, lyonnaise carrots, whole grain wheat bread and seasonal dessert.

Oct. 24 — Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, seasoned green beans, dressing and chunky applesauce.

Oct. 25 — Settlers beef and beans, seasoned greens, fresh fruit, biscuit and orange bread.

Oct. 28 — Country fried steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, Brussels sprouts, fruit juice and dinner roll.

Oct. 29 — Chili with beans, mixed lettuce salad with dressing, Waldorf salad and crackers.

Oct. 30 — Beef stroganoff over noodles, peas, tangy cole slaw, whole grain wheat bread and warm fruit compote.

Oct. 31 — Chicken sandwich with mayo, Midori blend veggies, fresh fruit, bun and warm deep dish cobbler.