My husband and I are fans of the Hallmark Channel. We like to watch the seasonal shows, especially the mysteries, and guess who did what? 

Who falls first to the obvious love interest and who screws it up first? It’s getting easier and easier to guess the answers to these questions, usually in the first 20 minutes or less. 

Every possible story scenario has been expressed, but we still enjoy the lighthearted nature of the story, especially since it leads us away from the current political assault of vicious bickering. 

I think there should be a Hallmark movie about Rantoul. Don’t you? We have the small town, unlimited story ideas.  (Boy returns to hometown and meets his high school sweetheart. She is now the mayor. He is the representative of a corporation wanting to build a large sports complex in the county. But of course, not Rantoul.) 

The options are endless. High school sweetheart wins. Returning boyfriend decides to stay. Could there be a wedding in the future?

While we’re at it, why not have the Property Brothers or House Hunters do a few shows on people moving into Rantoul. There are so many wonderful old houses that could be updated.Maybe we could create our own ‘Home-Town’ show. 

There must be some longtime residents with outgoing personalities and creative ideas waiting for the opportunity to express their talents. Think of all the chances to expand. Think of all the prospects our town could cultivate into a thriving community.  

We’ve got all the seeds of improvements. All we need is the willingness and the ability for unrestricted ideas to grow.     

Dreams are meant to be followed. I think that’s why we enjoy the Hallmark Channel so much. 

The stories are filled with hopes and accomplishments.  Not necessarily huge dreams, but dreams that put a bounce in our step, a song in our hearts and a smile on our face. All it takes is that first step.

If we’re going to dream, let’s dream BIG. We could be the next small town on the Hallmark Channel.

J. A. Werner is the self-published author of “The Cellomaker” series and a Rantoul native who now resides in Washington, D.C.