If you are not careful you will overpower the very ones you are trying to influence for the kingdom of God. Less words and more action sometimes is what is needed in showing the power of God that guides your life.

Encouragement is what you are trying to give, but it quickly turns into discouragement in the eyes of the recipient. Wait … and let the Holy Spirit do

His work on the circumstances that are coming against the individual in this season of life.

Watching others is an art form of sorts, and it teaches you to be watchful and not so verbal. I believe in communication as a way to witness, but this world system has turned it into an evil device. Be careful not to go totally silent, but let the words of your mouth be the words God has given to you to speak.

Hard lesson to learn for a person who was once silent and now has to learn to wait before she speaks. I am here. I do exist, and I am relevant.

Be encouraged.

 Leatrice Pace of Rantoul writes a monthly column of encouragement. She may be reached at beencouragedbecouraged@yahoo.com.