Suspect a horse is abused, malnourished? Call SHARE

Copper enjoying his warm Weatherbeeta blanket. It was one of 10 of the blankets donated to Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency (Heide Fogal for Rantoul Press)


RURAL DEWEY — Wow. SHARE has a secret Santa! 

A huge thank you to whomever sent SHARE the 10 Weatherbeeta blankets. The blankets have come in very handy, especially for the cold spell we had and the ones coming up. 

Copper, a Missouri Foxtrotter and sanctuary horse, has bad stifles (joints) and was unable to get up without help. She was covered in one of the new warm blankets, given meds and once warmed and feeling better, she got up. 

Copper is in her early-mid 20s and came from an abuse case back in 2008 along with several other Missouri Foxtrotters. She was also pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful dark bay MFT who was adopted, but Copper has stayed at SHARE due to her stifle problem.

SHARE (Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency), located in rural Dewey, has been rescuing horses since 2004. Going out on a call, one always hopes that it’s possible to educate the owner, and the horse can stay home. 

Some rescues are not even possible; one can only give comfort until the animal passes away. Each rescue person will stay with the animal and tries to ease the suffering. No animal dies alone. 

All people involved in rescues are deeply affected by hopeless situations.

But to be able to load and bring the animal to SHARE, even if skin and bones, is considered a miracle. At one time we had 75 such miracles living at SHARE. We still have 44 now.

 I came across a poem that has deeply affected me, and it is something that we at SHARE don’t want to see.

The author is unknown.


 My heart hurts because I’m not loved.

I wish I could fly away just like a dove.

My tail no longer swishes back and forth.

I have lost everything that I was worth.

I am too skinny and too weak to care.

Something that no one should ever have to bear.

Maybe I will get fed today.

Why am I teasing myself this way?

I know I will not get food or water.

To my owner I’m just a bother.

They might love me, I try to think.

Nicer thoughts I try to seek.

Today I will lay down in the mud.

Fall asleep and never wake up.

* If you suspect a horse is neglected, abused, or malnourished, please contact SHARE. 

 Heide Fogal, a Rantoul resident, is volunteer coordinator at SHARE.