Finally got the computer fixed and hopefully will have a column once again. I must say I really miss not writing and having to be still and keep myself quiet.

I was diagnosed with heart failure as many people have been, unfortunately. What has happened to me is a bit different.  

The left side of my heart has hardened, and the blood can’t pump as it should. Now the right side has started to do the same thing, so I am hoping this will take a long time.

I had a message on my answering machine that said, “Please tell the people that have American flags out all year long, year after year, to check them out, and if they are torn and shredding to please replace them in honor and respect for their meaning.” 

Another message came a few days ago. If you are having a garage sale, please take the signs down so people don’t go looking for the sales only to find that they are a week late.

Now that school is back in session, please be careful for our beautiful children who may suddenly appear.

Lately I have noticed on the side streets that cars are parking on both sides of the street and leaving so little space for cars to go by. If a child darts out after a ball or tries to cross the street, their vision does nothing for them due to the fact that they are small children and the cars and trucks are much taller.

Please use the driveways that you have. Show the children some consideration. We don’t have sidewalks in our area.

My friend saw this in a magazine and wanted to share, and after tasting it I can understand why.

1 2 3 Cake

You will need two boxes of cake mix. One can be any flavor you prefer, but the other must be an angel food cake mix.

Mix them together (dry) in a large bowl with tight-fitting lid.  Then simply store the mixture in an air-tight container until you get the urge for dessert.  

Then put 3 tablespoons of the dry mixture in a large coffee mug and stir in 2 tablespoons of water. 

Microwave it for one minute, and you will have a single serving of cake. Top with fruit, ice cream or whipped cream.

Awesome for those of us who want something sweet every now and then without making an entire cake.

Thank you,  Michelle Clayton of Rantoul. 

Pauline Poremba of Rantoul writes a monthly column for the and community issues.