I’ve given all I have so that you might be spared the pain of disappointment. But in all that I have given you still have chosen disappointment and not the parts of love that I have shown.

I have run my race and tried my best. Now you must run your race and do what is excellent for your life as each new chapter unfolds. May your choices be specific and full of love, and may it bring about joy, happiness, and peace. 

The life that we have shared has been full of adventure, love, disappointments and success. This shared life has been orchestrated and worked out with all the prayers, mercy, grace and love that a family can purposefully exhibit. We are a blessed family, and the lessons learned from the past and present generations have served us well.

As for the future generations, they will have the benefit of the continuous prayers and leading of the Holy Spirit. For this is what I have learned and lean on today for everything in this life.

From great-grandparents to grandparents to parents,  these fourth and fifth generations following us have been trained up to be stronger and more faithful and trusting in God’s word and purpose. Always be humble, merciful and lead in love.

The journeys traveled have been long and hardships have been faced. Through it all we are survivors and victorious.

To my family, the thread of love is woven into our DNA and we share the same struggles past and present, knowing we will make it to our destiny and fulfill our purpose as a family and as individuals.

Joshua 25:15 Choose you this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

Be encouraged. 

Leatrice Pace of Rantoul writes a monthly column of encouragement. She may be reached at beencouragedbecouraged@yahoo.com.