In those times when you feel as though life is going too fast and clarity of mind is not possible,  simply pause and reflect on portions of your life. Sometimes the whole picture is hard to imagine.

So simply train yourself to look at portions of your life unbalanced in many segments. Pieces at a time instead of the whole thing. Quiet yourself and determine what would be the best reflection to tackle first, second and third.

Then piece it together and see what’s important and what is not so important. Learn to evaluate things that are good choices for your life over things that are not good for your life. You have the power to choose most things that you allow in your life space.

What are you basing your choices on? How are you living your life? And what is the best choice for your life? Questions help to map out a clearer journey that will allow your life to be more of what it should be.

Years of experience have taught me what is the best thought life for me and my life  space. It is a good idea to regularly do a self reflection of your lifestyle and choices that you have made. Reflection is a way of looking back over what has already happened and the choices that were made to come to that conclusion.

Making peace with yourself and feeling confident in your life decision-making process can be a simple way of keeping things from being so chaotic and unbalanced. Also trusting in the Holy Spirit teaching and leading of your spiritual relationship and your physical life can bring you peace in knowing the truth in all of life.

Simply walk in the Spirit and know your motivation in being pleasing to the Lord. Be encouraged.

 Leatrice Pace of Rantoul writes a monthly column of encouragement. She may be reached at