Where is Rantoul veterans memorial?

To the editor:

Question for all Rantoul veterans: Where’s our veterans memorial?

I’m Cleo Grovier, a vet. Five or more years ago, I paid for three name blocks, my brothers and I.

I have made other donations. I am 91 years old and lived long enough to see the Chicago Cubs win a World Series. Now I hope to live long enough to see a veterans memorial in Rantoul.

Cleo E. Grovier


Wang column showed his in-depth understanding of art

To the editor:

Many thanks to Ian Wang of the Spurlock Museum for this lovely write-up about my art in the Rantoul Press.

I’ve been interviewed by a hell of a lot of reporters since my art career began, but the interview with Mr. Wang is far and away my favorite. Unlike most reporters, who are just grabbing some facts and quotes to use as article fodder, it was very clear that Wang was bringing his impressive and in-depth understanding of art and its history to the table.

He asked sagacious and challenging questions, had keen observations on individual pieces I’ve painted in a larger artistic context, and he steered our conversation in directions that not only helped him to see where I was coming from aesthetically, but very solidly gave me a new, potent and resounding understanding of myself as an artist.

While I am pleased as punch to see his article published, I’m even more pleased to have had a chance to talk with him about art theory and practice. I walked away from that interview a much more aware and engaged person and artist.

I’m also especially pleased that Wang chose to include in his article quotes about me from some of my favorite fellow artists, writers, movers, shakers, and peers, including Jonny Lang, Laura Anne Welle, Noah Diamond, Jeremy Mason McGraw, all of whom you would be edified by checking out and following on social media.

Thanks so much for your interest in my work, Ian, and I hope that this interview will by no means be the last time we have an in-depth discussion of art.

Marc-Anthony Macon