To the editor:

There was a priest of advanced age, Zacharias, serving in the Jerusalem temple. His name, in Hebrew, means "Jehovah remembers."

He had a wife named Elisabeth, and her name means "Jehovah’s oath." Together, they declare that "Jehovah remembers His oath."  

On various occasions, God utilized the swearing of sacred oaths to forcefully underscore His most important promises.  For example, in Psalms 89 God swore to King David the incredible pledge that a descendant of David would reign on David’s throne forever; the Gospel of Luke outlines the initial steps of this seemingly impossible promise.

First, God told Zacharias that Elisabeth, although barren, would bear a son. They were to call the child "John," and John would be "great in the sight of the Lord." He would "prepare a people for the Lord." Moreover, soon after Elisabeth’s miracle birthing, her cousin,  Mary, delivered a miracle child, too — while still a virgin.

  After 40 days, Mary and family went to the temple to offer  sacrifice, as required. There they met Simeon, a "just and devout" man. He held the child and declared to God that he could now "die in peace" because his eyes had seen "thy salvation." Salvation? What was this salvation which Simeon saw?

  He saw a baby; that is, he saw a person. The meaning of salvation is illustrated throughout the entire Bible — salvation is a person. It is not the working for something deserved. And God’s salvation is manifest when He reaches down and offers to a contrite believer His divine forgiveness and grace.

The benefactor of this transaction is Jesus Christ — the seed of David beheld by Simeon; the King of kings and Lord of lords; the eternal Son of God, preordained by the Father to die for sinners’ offenses and be resurrected for their justification!

Don Early



Voters might get what deserve

To the editor:

The local election is now history.

I wish to thank those who voted against the issue of districting.

We did not prevail, however, with 6,000 registered voters in town with less then 3,000 bothering to express your given right to vote is sad.

Time will tell if the most qualified people will be making decisions on our behalf.

My thinking is you will receive the board you deserve.

Jim Cheek