Six heads is better than one on board

To the editor:

Just for clarity’s sake, voting "yes" next Tuesday on the proposed referendum to change the way village trustees are elected is a vote to limit the citizens to one trustee to appeal to instead of six.  

It is also a vote to divide our village into districts.

It is my opinion that is a not a good deal for our village. I believe we, as a village, should work together for unity, not vote to divide us into separate groups by our addresses/neighborhoods. 

A trustee should be chosen by considering his/her personal character, integrity, trustworthiness and ability to reason/consider/discuss issues, and not by his/her "group-identity" based on his/her address/neighborhood.

There are obviously great people who live throughout this village in every neighborhood who would serve as great trustees, but their address/neighborhood shouldn’t limit nor promote them to do so.

They individually should decide. I don’t believe this change is "scary" or will destroy our village, but I do think that voting for change without clearly understanding the change is not wise.

However the vote turns out on Tuesday, I will be happy to live in Rantoul. Have a great day.

Mark Wilkerson



Village wanted more diverse set of applicants

To the editor:

Thank you for your article regarding the new village administrator contract.

I wanted to clarify an issue that had been mentioned in public comment. The job requirements were written to expand the candidate pool so we could have a more diverse set of applicants, and we achieved that goal. The development of the job requirements were informed by the ICMA guidelines for credentialing.

When ICMA launched their credentialing program, my understanding is that they wanted to be as inclusive as possible and recognized at the time that access to higher education was not universal; criteria should not exclude capable and experienced individuals from attaining a credential for want of a degree.

If you look at the eligibility rubric at the ICMA website, it shows that for persons lacking a baccalaureate education, the experiential requirement is 15 years service. This is the number we incorporated in the village of Rantoul administrator job description.

Persons who are interested may visit the ICMA website for additional information on credentialing.

Rick Snider

Outgoing Rantoul village administrator