Company assisted RCS district

To the editor:

We would like to recognize Rogards of Champaign by thanking them for their effort to offer assistance and outreach to the local communities. 

After their recent move to a new location, they opened up their warehouse and office space to nonprofits affiliated with United Way as a huge free garage sale. Rantoul City Schools was able to find chairs, furniture and room partitions to update the classrooms and offices in our schools. 

The Rogards staff were amazing, by not only helping to move things, but offering expert advice on how to reuse items. The most amazing contribution was to open their building the next morning to allow us to return to pick up items we couldn’t transport the previous day. 

We are so thankful that Rogards continues to make its home in our area and that they are so community-minded in their service.

Michelle Ramage

Rantoul City Schools No. 137 superintendent


Why he will vote ‘no’ on proposal

To the editor:

Here are a few thoughts and observations about the proposed trustee districts on the upcoming ballot. 

Our current system gives each voter up to six trustees plus the mayor to represent their interests and express their opinions/grievances to. Each citizen has the opportunity to personally communicate with each trustee with the credentials that his/her opinion matters because of the power of a vote/votes. 

The proposed system limits each citizen to only one trustee to bring opinions and/or grievances to with any real credentials. If a citizen can persuade multiple trustees to his/her thoughtful and reasonable idea with a civil, respectful spirit, the citizen then has more influence and truly better representation. 

The trustee also is held to a higher accountability in that he/she is seeking votes from all neighborhoods, instead of just being accountable to one neighborhood (and maybe just a few loud voices from that neighborhood).

The current system also provides a better opportunity for unity and community spirit.  The proposed system seems to breed division and identity politics by sub-dividing our village into districts. 

Our village is small enough for people from all neighborhoods to know and enjoy each other.  We come from different neighborhoods to enjoy local school sports/club events, recreational league sports, parks, shopping, etc.

Dividing our village into districts will be counter-productive to unity and will likely result in more arguing and less-informed, reasonable compromises to solve village issues.

I plan to vote "no" on the proposed trustee districts because I like being represented by six trustees instead of being limited to just one, and I like that all six trustees are, in a sense,  accountable to me because I am a voting citizen.

Just because something is different or a change doesn’t make it a better idea. Thinking through things with reason instead of emotion usually results in a better decision and outcome.

Mark Wilkerson