Larson seeks vote for RTHS board of education

To the editor:

I am Jeremy Larson, and I want to represent you as a member of the board of education for Rantoul Township High School.

For the last four years, I have advocated for the betterment of our students’ experience and education at RTHS. During my time on the board, I have been a part of many committees and decisions that hold the weight of impacting the successfulness of a student.

The responsibilities are not taken lightly, and with trust and respect to the people who served before me, and the opportunities and challenges we face are never more important today.

I would like to be your voice in matters that you feel concerned about. I would like to advocate for your student, your tax dollar, your opinion. I welcome the dialogue.

The community that we call home has many members, and it’s important that all feel they have a seat at the table. If you re-elect me on April 2, I will serve with honesty and integrity.

You can depend on me to provide transparency and accountability to a position that is yours as much as mine. You will have a voice. Vote Larson.


Jeremy Larson


Health, safety of residents is essential

To the editor:

When Chanute AFB closed, former USAF housing and industrial facilities that contain asbestos and lead paint were sold to private owners to provide homes for primarily low-income families and places for employment.

USAF officials decided at that time to transfer ownership without removing or encapsulating all asbestos and lead paint. As a Chanute Restoration Advisory Board member and retired military scientist, all of my requests to USAF officials to remove or encapsulate asbestos and lead paint have been rejected.

The health and safety of our residents and economic revitalization of Rantoul are essential. As we select new leaders, it is imperative that all elected leaders ensure that the USAF eliminates all asbestos and lead paint hazards from all former base housing and other structures.

I pray that Rantoul residents raise a unified voice to protect our future by ensuring that USAF leaders eliminate all hazards.   


Vote Johnson for Rantoul village trustee  

To the editor:

It’s our duty and privilege to vote for the best candidates that will make the right decisions to better Rantoul.

I strongly urge you to vote for Sherry Johnson for Village trustee on April 2.

Sherry is a longtime Rantoul resident. She has worked in business management in Rantoul for 34 ½ years. She has been involved in helping with many municipal elections and numerous church and school activities in our community.

Sherry and her husband, Jim, have attended Rantoul Village Board meetings for many years. Sherry will listen to all citizens of Rantoul and help keep Rantoul a great place to live, work and raise a family.  

Please join me and vote for Sherry Johnson for Rantoul Village trustee on April 2.


Jill Alred

Caring citizen for Rantoul and former business owner


Johnson cares deeply about this community

To the editor:

To the voters of Rantoul,

 I am a business owner in Rantoul. Although I cannot vote, I would like to tell you about someone who is running for trustee — Sherry Johnson.

She is a long-time Rantoul resident who cares deeply about this community. She truly is a kind-hearted, wonderful person, who would be a great asset to this community as a full-term trustee.  

A vote for Sherry Johnson is a vote for a better Rantoul in the future.

Please remember to vote and cast your ballot for Sherry Johnson.  


Paula Hopkins