Mailing that attacked pair was offensive

To the editor:

The recent mailing from the Concerned Parents and Taxpayers of Rantoul City Schools was not only tactless, but also offensive.

It did not present any positive solutions to the problems existing in our schools, and the personal attack on John Brotherton and Joan Fitzgarrald was uncalled for. They are two individuals who have dedicated much of their lives to the education of our children.

They are both retired teachers who excelled in the classroom. They are also board members who have devoted many hours attempting to improve our school system.

To have their pictures with a circle and slash through them is unacceptable. We do not need anyone associated with this type of political mailing on our school board.

Without John and Joan on our board, our schools would be in even greater trouble. In most equations, the constants outweigh the variables. The major constants positively affecting our schools are the school board, the outstanding faculty and administration who have remained.

They are all working to make Rantoul City Schools a better system. The variable, which has become a constant, is the closing of Chanute Air Force Base.

One has only to look at the time period when our schools started to decline, and they would find that it was in the late 1990s. It was then that the entire socioeconomic structure of our village was change.

We can never bring Chanute back. However, we can elect board members who have proven to be knowledgeable board members and who are dedicated to the improvement of our school system.

Herb and Annette Frizol


Everly seeks your vote on April 2

To the editor:

I’m Edwin Everly, and I want to serve you as a member of the board of education, Rantoul City Schools 137.  

"Children are our future:" It’s a phrase we often hear, but yet it’s often used without full understanding of its implications. "Children are our future" means that children are our priority.  

RCS is ranked at 763 out of 771 Illinois school districts, ( I contend our young people are and can do better than that.  Additionally, principals, teachers, and other staff turnover is very high, with the district’s full-time teacher retention at 68.40 percent vs a state average 85.2 percent, (  

It’s having a destabilizing effect on our youth. These facts are unconscionable and not in making our youngsters our priority. It’s not securing their future or the future of this village. Our school district’s leadership is failing our children.

I have lived in Rantoul since 2001, the same year I met my sweetheart, Leslie Coons. I’m a decorated Army veteran, a paralegal, a teaching assistant K-12, a bus driver and a yoga teacher with over 10 years working within our schools in Rantoul. I love children and public service.

Blessed and now employed at Rantoul Township High School as a bus driver and grounds-keeper, I want to pay it forward and serve you as a member of the board of education, Rantoul City Schools 137.

Like me, love me or hate me, let me know and write to me at or write a comment to the editor of the Rantoul Press. Let your voice be heard.

Let us have dialogue and discussion.  Our children’s future is truly at stake here.

Edwin Everly



Everly has background for RCS board

To the editor:


I am writing this letter in support of Edwin Everly for Rantoul City Schools board of education.

As a former school board member, I understand the importance of providing a quality education to the students of Rantoul. This is why I’m urging all voters to support Edwin Everly.

Ed has been a teacher’s assistant at RCS and has seen firsthand what is going on inside our classrooms. Ed knows that putting children first is the most important factor when it comes to making the tough decisions required as a school board member.

Ed understands that our children are our future, and without the guarantee of a quality education for every child, the future of Rantoul is also at stake.

Please join me at the polls on April 2 and vote for Edwin Everly for Rantoul City Schools board of education.


Jeff Seegmiller



Johnson would serve village of Rantoul well

To the editor:


I am writing in support of Sherry Johnson for Rantoul Village trustee.

I have known Sherry and her husband, Jim, for 37 years. Sherry is involved in and supports our village, schools and churches.

Sherry attends city meetings and will meet the needs of all Rantoul residents.

Join me on April 2nd in electing Sherry Johnson for Rantoul village trustee.


Jennifer Tucker



Everly will insist on excellence

To the editor:

I am writing to urge you to vote for Edwin Everly for member of the board of education, Rantoul City School District 137.

Edwin is a loving husband, and he cares deeply for children. He is a decorated Army veteran, a paralegal, a licensed paraprofessional, a bus driver and a yoga instructor. He has devoted over 10 years within the Rantoul educational system, to include the Rural Champaign County Special Education Cooperative, the Rantoul City school district and currently the Rantoul Township High School district.

Edwin will insist on educational excellence to return our schools to a higher school rating within our state. He will also insist on improved human resource management practices to create a more secure, happy and stable staffing environment.

Please join me in sending a strong message for making "children our future" with improved student achievement and a more secure, happy and stable workforce.  

Please allow Edwin to be our voice as a member of the board of education, Rantoul City School District 137. I urge you to vote for him on April 2, 2019.


Leslie Coons