Would support open investigation

Regarding Mr. Jack Anderson’s guest commentary in the Rantoul Press on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, where he questioned the "mistakes," where trustee Chad Smith and apparently approved by the village administrator, Jeff Fiegenschuh, used village funds for Chad Smith’s personal gain. If this is true, why is Chad Smith still a Rantoul village trustee?

And why is Mr. Jeff Fiegenschuh still in a position to be able to help make those "mistakes?" Both he and Chad Smith need to be a bit more upfront with the taxpayers that support Rantoul with their hard-earned money.

Thank you, Mr. Jack Anderson, for your courageous reporting on behalf of the citizens of Rantoul. If Mr. Anderson wants to circulate a petition to get those "mistakes" investigated, I will sign it.

John King



Many questions for village government

First I see the "sold" sign on the Rantoul Motel property, then read in the paper $100,000 was offered or $79,000 just for the motel.

Lots of questions arise. Where does that money come from? Why are we in the real estate business? How many properties does Rantoul own that have been bought off people and businesses? How many have been sold for profit? How many have been sold for less?

Why is this an investment? Who is making out on this deal? What happened to the $8,000ish owed to the village in water and electric bills from the motel? (I know I was told that when the property sold, those bills must be paid.)

Why were those bills allowed to go on for obviously months unpaid? (Residents don’t get that deal.) Who is paying to tear down these properties? What is that costing? Again where is that money coming from?

Seems with the up-and-coming attorney fees for the third-party investigation that will be coming up, we might want to consider saving a few dollars.

When the town buys a property, no one pays tax on it. Citizens’ taxes just go up to cover all this.

The old historic bank building is worth saving, and the paper is all about who’s going to pay, how can we afford it? How about, let’s not spend $100,000 on more property?

The citizens now have to pay for the police pension fund, but yet we can afford a $100,000 "investment" on a property that we have to maintain and tear down. Is there logic in there somewhere?

Looks like it’s an open-checkbook policy in this town.

Cathy Belcher



Thanks for the support of team

We would like to thank everyone in the Rantoul community that helped support our boys track team this season.

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into running any sports program and hosting home events. It includes several volunteers, coaches, administration and parents.

We have been fortunate the last few years to have great support from our community members.

There are so many people that helped in different capacities this year that I don’t want to leave anyone out, so if you are reading this letter and you helped contribute to our successful season, just know that we thank you so much.

We are hoping that the 2018 track season will be filled with nice weather and even better performances.

Once again, thank you to the Rantoul community for your continued support of our track program and the many other sports programs at RTHS.

Coach Mitch Wilson, Coach Nick Cole and Coach Jeremy Dixon


Sadly, end of era for Paxton Legion

As chaplain of The American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Post 150 (of Paxton) it is with heartfelt sorrow that I must convey some bad news. Post No. 150 was notified that we will probably have to close our doors after 88 years and six months since its inception.

Warren Pacey, a combat aviator who served in the South Pacific during WWII, was one of the earliest, familiar names you will find on the roster. His sons, lawyers Charles and Stephen Pacey, kept the business end of Post No. 150 running smoothly for many years. 

Unfortunately,  the last of the post commanders, Tim Hess,  has decided to retire. Regrettably, there is no one available, nor active, that is in a physical position (who has not already served) to take his place.

The poppy drive of the Women’s Auxiliary (which Millie Baier faithfully ran for years) was so happy to carry on (especially in her memory) during the Memorial Day weekend We received over $3,000.00 in donations for the needs of our vets.

Without a post, this annual event will cease to take place in our town, which brings me to the main point of this letter to the editor.

The Paxton Record superbly filled its June 7, 2017, issue with informative news about the graduates from our local PBL, GCMS and St. John Lutheran high schools. The amount of graduates totaled approximately 184 youths.

The photos of these bright, young, good-looking grads is   a testimony to how well this area has effectively educated its pupils, especially when compared to the big, inner cities of this state.

On the other hand, as the paper recorded, only two out of all of these grads stated that they will be choosing to enter the military.

This fact only adds to the realization that I am so, so old because (as us senior citizens always say) back in my day about a fourth of young males went off to college while three-fourths of our young male graduates enthusiastically and voluntarily (without a mandatory draft)  went straight into some branch of military service. 

Oh well! I guess this is the way the cookies have to crumble in 2017

God bless America!

Judi LaBerdia