To the editor:   

A mother asked her little daughter: "What did you learn in Sunday school today?" She replied that she learned about the prophet Elijah. Mom probed deeper, "What about Elijah?"

She said that God loved Elijah, and Elijah loved God, and sometimes they would  hang out together. God came by one morning and suggested they take a nice walk. God brought the lunch, and they set off and had a wonderful time discussing many important things along the way.

She said the sun dipped lower in the afternoon sky, and Elijah told God he’d better head back home since it was getting late. God told him that His home was actually closer than Elijah’s home and said, "Elijah, why not come on home with Me."

So God brought Elijah to heaven that very day.

Though her telling of the incident was enhanced by childlike imagination, it revealed important truth: that Elijah exists and entered heaven without dying; that God guides those who love Him during their journey down here; that, in keeping with His gracious providence, He provides signs for us along the way — signs that caution the traveler of conditions en route.  

The book of Ecclesiastes mentions some of these signs: "the keepers of the house tremble"; "the strong men bow"; "the grinders are few"; and "those looking through the windows grow dim."

The "keepers of the house" refer to the legs. They sometimes totter as aging sets in and often become unstable. The "strong men" represent the shoulders; once fit and straight, they tend to stoop. The teeth, the "grinders", fall out. The eyes weaken and can fail.

These signs can be alarming for those traveling alone and not knowing what lies ahead. However, those who love Him know that the Savior will be with them through it all, as promised. 

Don Early



To the editor:

I want to thank Danny Sage, Rantoul Township road commissioner, for his outstanding job resurfacing the county roads on the east side (1800E) and on the south side (2800) of the former Chanute AFB. 

These roads had deteriorated to a disgusting level during the years I was told Rantoul was responsible for maintaining them. The absolute minimum amount of maintenance was being done, and the south side road became almost impassable due to this neglect.

At one point I called the city of Rantoul and asked about their maintenance and was told these roads were not on the maintenance schedule. I was not told why they were not. 

Now I wonder about the county road already in bad shape west of Route 45 (2800) which connects to County Road 1500 and Murray Road leading to Walmart.

Is Rantoul going to maintain these roads or will they also let them deteriorate? Just asking.

Beulah Huls Severins

Rural Thomasboro