Negative campaign mailing was tactless; courtesy encouraged

To the editor:

Many residents of Rantoul recently received a notice upon the current state of educational affairs grades K through 8.

Voters in the Rantoul school district do not need to be advised as to how they should elect their new school board.

Along with being unprofessional and tactless, the information did not serve any purpose whatsoever.

It is without question those who prepared the information need not serve on the RCS board.

We certainly don’t need this type of representation on our behalf.

I would encourage as much professionalism and courtesy as the election day draws closer.

Fred Meek



Graham will do his research, ask informed questions

To the editor:


I am writing this letter in support of Andy Graham for RCS board of education.

I am not asking you to vote for Andy just because you have known him a long time, or that he is a lifelong resident of Rantoul, and definitely not because he is currently on the RCS school board.

I am asking you to cast your vote with me for Andy Graham because:

(1) As a parent, he understands that the foundation for respect of others, establishing academic expectations and behavior expectations are the initial responsibility of parents and that teachers should help build on that foundation.

(2) He understands that strong academic board policies could help lead to strong, yet appropriate, discipline policies.

(3) The challenges our school district faces will require a board member willing to listen to all who have a stake in implementing board policies, to get a better understanding what is not working in our classrooms and then research for solutions.

(4) After he has done his research, he will use his voice to ask informed questions that will benefit all.

As a community, we need to accept the facts that our school district is at a crossroad; and our students, staff and parents need individuals serving on school boards who recognize that some of the policies that are in place need to be replaced for the benefit of all. I encourage you to go to the website and verify for yourself the status of our schools before you cast your vote.

I understand it is challenging to be a public servant, and I applaud all who choose to do so. However, this election is about the students in our community.

Vote for Andy Graham for Rantoul City Schools board of education.

Margurette Carter


Candidates should run on their own merits, not sling mud

To the editor:

To the candidates of the village of Rantoul:

Please remember we would rather hear what you would do for your community/and or schools than to hear about the person running against you (in your opinion) has done wrong.

Please, people, run on your own merits. Rantoul is a wonderful community. Please keep it positive from now on.

Thanks and God’s blessings.

Paula Hopkins


Johnson a fixture at village meetings, wants to serve

To the editor:

I consider it a distinct honor to recommend and urge Rantoul voters to vote for Sherry Johnson for the Rantoul Village Board on April 2nd.

Sherry and her husband, Jim, operated a small business in Rantoul for many years. They have always exhibited a high degree of integrity in their business dealings as well as their private lives.

Sherry has maintained an interest in village issues for many years. Sherry and Jim are fixtures in their attendance at village board meetings, even in times when there are no real "hot" issues.

I expect that it is because of Sherry’s continued interest in Rantoul government that she was appointed to fill out an unexpired term a few years ago, when a board member resigned.

Please vote for Sherry Johnson for Rantoul Village Board on April 2nd.


Eldon Quick