To the editor:

As I read Jack Anderson’s response, I found myself both interested and entertained.  

As a life-long resident I am basing my opinion on what I believed was best for Rantoul in 1977 and what I still believe is the best today. Confusing the issue by claiming I was using "scare tactics" or was unsuccessful in running for office is a smoke screen to the real issue ...what is best for our village.   

If you took the time to get to know the workings of this town as you did researching me when I was misquoted, you would find that "districting" is not the best answer.  

You said in your article, "Look around at Rantoul today.  You see. ..."  I am amused that you pointed out all that you perceived as wrong, but no real solutions to solve them.  

We can agree on one thing, Mr. Anderson. Rantoul does need to move forward, but "districting" is NOT the answer.

Jim Cheek


Obama’s visit left many in disbelief

Barack Obama’s recent visit to Champaign accepting the Paul H Douglas Award   for Ethics in Government has most people here in Ford County and the rest of  fly-over country shaking their head in disbelief.  

Democrats and the left were slobbering over Obama’s remarks trashing our commander in chief and letter-signing voters like myself who choose not to riot, disrupt, loot or burn police cars. We don’t have time for this nonsense as we actually have to work for a living.

He even had the gall to say that the politics of division have found a home in the Republican party. Backward of reality, it was just more fake news.

True thinkers are saying Obama was the most divisive, disgraceful, deceptive, cop-hating, Christian-bashing, drug-dealer-pardoning president ever.

May I suggest a true patriotic politician with real integrity such as  Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina be awarded this ethics award next time it comes around.  However, this so-called award has been so tarnished,  who would even want it?

Jim Ehmen