Actually, ‘tis more blessed to receive

To the editor:

Christmas catalogs and ads urge shoppers to experience the joy of giving, assuring them it’s better to give than receive. But God has said it’s better to receive! He said joy comes with receiving the truth about redemption. But what is that truth?

God said that the human heart is "desperately wicked"; that natural man is a sinner from conception, incapable of meriting heaven, and hell-bound. God said that He is holy and, therefore, cannot fellowship with mankind because none of  mankind is holy. Not one!

God said that He sent His Son to repair this rift because He loves mankind.

He said the Son is God, also, and is eternal, was born of a virgin and became the God/Man; that Jesus Christ is the flawless sacrificial lamb eternally chosen to bear mankind’s sin, suffer the Father’s full wrath, die in the place of all those who trust Him, and certify that His shed blood, alone, takes away sin.

God said that the guilt of believers of every era was credited (transferred) to Christ at the cross, and Christ’s righteousness was similarly credited to them; that they are clothed with His perfect righteousness the moment they believe; that they are considered "right with God" through faith in God’s Word- faith which the Holy Spirit will give to those who ask.

 He said that the crucified Christ was raised to declare the efficacy of that one-time sacrifice and now intercedes for believers whenever they sin; that He will come again to condemn the unredeemed.

Christmas joy comes from believing what God said regarding sin and salvation. Nevertheless, skeptics view their sin as "normal"  and the good news of the gospel as mere allegory — unwarranted, implausible fairytale. But, if they ask the Father for faith to trust His Word, they’ll be saved.

Don Early



Thankful for 'Shop with a Cop' volunteers

To the editor:

On Dec. 9, the Rantoul Police Department held its second annual Shop with a Cop program at the Rantoul Walmart. This year’s program helped 30 Rantoul families put presents underneath their tree.

This program could not be sustained without the many volunteers that helped with the event and other fundraising events throughout the year. Village of Rantoul staff, Rantoul Tomorrow volunteers and Rantoul City Schools employees were vital to the success of this year’s event.

The Rantoul Police Department would also like to thank the countless individuals who donated money to our event throughout the year. Additionally, many businesses donated to the program this year.

The police department would specifically like to thank Rantoul Rotary, Rantoul Exchange Club, Lux Memorial Chapel and Rantoul United Methodist Church for their donations. We would also like to thank the Rantoul County Market and Half Century of Progress show for the fundraiser events we had this year.

The Rantoul Walmart continues to be a great host for Shop with a Cop. This year they not only provided the spaces and food for the event, but also made a large financial donation to the event.

The Rantoul Police Department will continue to build the Shop with a Cop program in the years to come. We thank everyone for their support of the program and look forward to seeing you at future events.

Merry Christmas!

Co-chairs Terri Neil and Kurtis Buckley on behalf of the Rantoul Police Department Shop with a Cop committee