To the editor:

Our political landscape has become totally dysfunctional, and it’s sad that both Republicans and Democrats refuse to move past party loyalty to do what’s best for the American people.

These elected officials must come to realize that their allegiance should be to the people, not the party.

And Mr. Trump, what happened to your infrastructure package and re-writing the tax code along with the border wall?

It seems Obamacare has become your first priority, and rightly so if your goal was to destroy your predecessor’s legacy or what you assumed was his legacy.

Mr. Trump, what President Obama accomplished was something that can’t be erased by a majority vote or the power of your pen. Mr. Obama’s legacy rests in the minds and hearts of the American people, eight years of scandal-free service to this nation, something impossible for you to accomplish.

However, Mr. Trump, if you can realize that no document written by human hands will be perfect, yet you have the opportunity to sit down with Republicans and

Democrats and exclude the imperfection while retaining the good, then and only then will you be on the way to writing a lasting legacy for yourself.

Arthur Woods