To the editor:

Regarding Scott Reeder’s article about the Confederate flag and the War between the States (8-15-18), the Civil War was not civil. It was the Northern aggression against the Southern states.

It was President Lincoln’s plan to keep the Southern states in the union to keep it big and strong. The Southern states had the right to secede if they were dissatisfied with the federal government. It’s called "state’s rights." The South was right.

Even though the blacks were freed after the war, that was not the issue. State’s rights were.

The blacks’ ancestors were sold into slavery by their own kind, and it was the whites who did help free them. Fact. In some parts of Africa, today, slavery does exist.

Another fact is very few Southerners owned slaves.

Over 600,000 whites died in the war. When the war did start, slavery was already beginning to phase out. Agriculture machinery would be replacing the slaves — about like robotics replacing workers in our society today.

Check out President Lincon’s letters and speeches to see what they contain.

Not all Northerners were in agreement with President Lincoln’s war. Some Northerners refused to fight in the war. At one time there was a slave market in Rhode Island.

The first slaves to America were white. Four months later, the first blacks arrived.

England sold over 500,000 Irish Catholics into slavery throughout the West Indies, Virginia and New England on plantations in the 1600s. Irish slaves were less expensive than Africans. No, the whites were not indentured servants.

Anthony Johnson, a black man, was a slave owner of blacks in the 1650s. There were a few others just like Johnson here in America.

The Confederate flag is about heritage. Remember, history is written by the winners, not the losers.

The first casualty of any war is "the truth." Don’t believe everything Hollywood puts out.

John McNeely