To the editor:

On Thursday, Dec. 28, I pulled into the back parking lot of Wave Lynx Beauty Salon for a 9 a.m. appointment.

I backed into a parking spot and went off of the edge of the plowed blacktop and into a snow bank.

In trying to get out, I ended up spinning my wheels a couple of times with no luck. I was stuck.

In the meantime, a white vehicle was parked on the west side of the Community Plus Federal Credit Union waiting for them to open.

A gentleman must have heard me spin my wheels, and he came across the parking lot and onto Wave Lynx’s lot. He told me what to do, and he pushed me out and onto the blacktop.

I thanked him profusely, but in my gratefulness I didn’t ask him his name.

Whoever you are, sir, may God bless you for being a wonderful Good Samaritan in my time of need; and again, I thank you.

Corky Burdette