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Larson seeks vote for RTHS board of educationTo the editor:I am Jeremy Larson, and I want to represent you as a member of the board of education for Rantoul Township High School.

Mailing that attacked pair was offensiveTo the editor:The recent mailing from the Concerned Parents and Taxpayers of Rantoul City Schools was not only tactless, but also offensive.

Negative campaign mailing was tactless; courtesy encouragedTo the editor:Many residents of Rantoul recently received a notice upon the current state of educational affairs grades K through 8.Voters in the Rantoul school district do not need to be advised as to how they should elect their new…

Letter writers who wish to submit an epistle regarding a candidate or issue for the April 2 election may do so right up until March 27, the final edition of the Press before the election.

Elect Johnson to Rantoul Village BoardTo the editor:I am writing in support of Sherry Johnson for village trustee.I have known Sherry and her husband, Jim, for many years as neighbors and friends. Sherry is an honest, respectful person, is kind and compassionate and has integrity.

To the editor:After reading "Ask Sherrie" in The Rantoul Press on Feb. 13, 2019, I had to respond.(Someone wrote for advice):"I am writing today because we just found out that my father is terminally ill with cancer. My son who is 6 is very close to him,  and I just don’t know what to say to…

To the editor:I write in support of my friend and neighbor, Sherry Johnson, for village trustee.Sherry and her husband, Jim, are lifelong residents of the community, who hold values that promote the well being of all. Having run a local business with Jim, Sherry knows the economic climate ne…

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To the editor:There was a priest of advanced age, Zacharias, serving in the Jerusalem temple. His name, in Hebrew, means “Jehovah remembers.”He had a wife named Elisabeth, and her name means “Jehovah’s oath.” Together, they declare that “Jehovah remembers His oath.”  

To the editor:I would like to say thank you so much to Zack Carpenter. He has been a true blessing for our (program), Armstrong-Potomac High School.He has followed our sports teams, which hadn’t been done  in a long time. He’s amazing at his job, very personable. Loves the kids.

Current form of Rantoul village government doesn’t need changeTo the editor:Who is aggrieved by the current form of village government? Only those of us who choose not to participate.Are we disenfranchised currently. No. We have the right to vote for all village board members and the mayor f…

Letter writers who wish to submit an epistle regarding a candidate or issue for the Nov. 6 election may do so right up until Oct. 31, the final edition of the Press before the election.

Company assisted RCS districtTo the editor:We would like to recognize Rogards of Champaign by thanking them for their effort to offer assistance and outreach to the local communities. 

It is mandate for our leaders to know justiceTo the editor:Our nation is threatened by violent street theater, its sole purpose being to foment murderous rage among an increasing number of drug-crazed groupies.

Letter writers who wish to submit an epistle regarding a candidate or issue for the Nov. 6 election may do so right up until Oct. 31, the final edition of the Press before the election.

To the editor:Over and over, in his mayoral campaign, at meetings in the village and around the county, Mayor Chuck Smith has championed the Rantoul Tomorrow initiative. The current referendum on the ballot to create six trustee districts in Rantoul embraces our mayor’s vision and is in supp…

Confederacy a heritage of shameTo the editor:In a letter to the editor in the Sept. 5 Rantoul Press, John McNeely defended the Confederate flag as being “about heritage.”If so, it is a heritage of shame.

Someone needs to help flood victimsTo the editor:I don’t know what’s wrong with Rantoul, but people shouldn’t have to put sump pumps in their back yards to keep water out of their house.

Flooding has gone on for far too longTo the editor:Thank you so much for the article on the flooding (on Illinois Drive).They are my family. I know the heartache that they have been dealing with. The mayor has ignored their request for a long time.

To the editor:   A mother asked her little daughter: “What did you learn in Sunday school today?” She replied that she learned about the prophet Elijah. Mom probed deeper, “What about Elijah?”

When the smart phone came onto the market, most people celebrated what this mini computer brought. It’s a great tool to stay connected, to communicate, even to work on.Few people could have foretold what problems this piece of modern technology would bring.

To the editor:There are so many working parts that make any event come together. We could not have made the Rantoul farmers market possible without the donations, help and support from the following people and entities:

To the editor:Who’s on first?Sound familiar? Famous words of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.The recent resignations of the village of Rantoul leaders should be a concern to everyone.Just what is transpiring with all of these forthcoming departures? Did we come in contact with an iceberg?

To the editor:On Thursday May 17, RTHS hosted the sectional track meet that athletes compete at in order to get a chance to qualify for the state track meet.It was a beautiful night with great competition. I would like to thank everyone who helped out in some way at this meet. 

Litter, trash everywhere in RantoulTo the editor:I am a senior plus. I was born and raised in Rantoul, and I still live here.What has happened to my town? There is litter and trash everywhere.It angers me that people are so disrespectful, that our streets and yards are garbage sites.When the…

We are wanting to say thank you to the Rantoul community, family and friends that came together to support the Rantoul Wildcats on Saturday April 21. The turnout was amazing and we appreciate all of you!

To the editor:I greatly appreciate your confidence by electing me to the RCS school board three years ago.I am proud of the time I have spent serving Rantoul, our students and staff. It is with a heavy heart that I have resigned from the board.

Big thank you to Dan ChamnessTo the editor:I would like to draw attention to The Rantoul Press local sports photographer Daniel Chamness. Even during his current medical concerns, he is there to photograph our RTHS wrestlers and get the story to print each week when able. 

Thank you to the Gifford music departmentTo the editor:I just want to say on behalf of being resident of Gifford, a big thank you to the music department of Gifford Grade School for last month’s Christmas program.