To the editor:

In February 2020, you printed an article that featured Mr. Frank Wilson. Mr. Wilson served two tours of duty here at the former Chanute Air Force Base.

He was retired medically, and his family remained in Rantoul. He volunteered at both Pleasant Acres and East Lawn schools, was an advocate for education and gave talks to encourage the students.

Frank was a familiar figure at both schools to parents and students.

What people don’t know is that Frank has been unable to go home to Louisiana since 1980 due to agoraphobia and panic attacks coupled with multiple phobias.

Recently, in May of 2020, Frank was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His doctors decided on chemotherapy before surgery because of the tumor’s massive size. He was fitted with a “smart port” that injects more chemo that he takes home for two days. At that time he goes back to the hospital and has the chemo pocket removed and is infused with fluids.

Frank is in need of funds to help with his maintenance on his vehicles, transportation, and because of his phobias, a driver. Anyone wishing to help can make donations to him in care of Bank of Rantoul, 201 E. Champaign Ave. or P.O. Box 67, Rantoul, IL 61866-0067.

Dolleen Wilson