I am writing in response to the opinion piece, “Rokke: Solar energy not easily affordable.” 

Though the piece has some interesting information about various aspects of solar energy, the author’s conclusion that solar is not affordable to most is clearly in error. 

I work in the solar industry, myself, am a solar-support specialist and speak with hundreds of solar clients a month. I am happy to say solar could not be growing by leaps and bounds in Illinois and around the world if not for the fact that it has become a “win – win scenario” for a whole lot of both private individuals, businesses, as well as numerous churches, schools, farms and municipalities. 

All of these are not only helping the environment (which we all depend on and is in desperate need of help right now), and becoming more energy independent, but these “win-win scenarios” also represent tremendous amounts of savings for those involved.

How could Dr. Rokke make such a glaring error? Two reasons: 1) he fails to factor in the tremendous incentives that are available currently to Illinois residents, the 30 percent federal tax credit and the Illinois solar renewable energy credits – which together pay for up to 60 percent and sometimes even more of the total cost of going solar … and 2) he fails to mention two other programs in Illinois –Community Solar and Solar for All, which are poised to enable many more Illinois residents to be able to go solar who would not have been able to before. 

Also, the Path to 100 Act - pending in the Illinois state legislature, if passed, will further the momentum and go even beyond the tremendously helpful incentives of the Future Energy Jobs Act, passed in 2016.

Robert Pashos Godfrey