To the editor:

The last 40 years in Illinois has been nothing short of calamitous, and anyone who is honest knows that it cannot continue.

Forget our political differences; forget what you think about public employee pensions or social welfare programs. No program is safe when your state is about to fiscally flat line, and a different structure to our income tax is not going to fix the problem.

People on both sides of the aisle want a strong healthy state. It is time for my Democratic colleagues and Gov. Pritzker to step up to leverage their power and to put an end to this. I know the governor wants to be successful, but if he wants to better Illinois, it is time for him to demand accountability from the speaker.

The governor is the only person in this state strong enough to protect the members of the Democratic Caucus willing to buck the speaker. Our state is waiting for your leadership, governor.

We are waiting for you to be different. We are waiting for a new Illinois under new honest leadership.

It has been a rocky few months, governor, but you have the power to turn it all around and to profoundly change this state. I challenge you to support your members who want a change.

As you know, all of the House Republican members are there to support you on this issue, too. I challenge you to stand strong and end the reign of Speaker Madigan.

State Rep. Mike Marron

Rural Fithian