To the editor:

The recent suffocation death of George Floyd, a black man in custody, by a white policeman was terrible. I’m a white guy. Many black friends have come to our home. A few have come to hunt rabbits and shoot (friendly fire, of course).

I had a white cop friend years ago who was shot in the back by a black man. A local state policeman and his passenger were also killed. Another local cop nearly had a leg shot off. This event occurred at mile post 259 on I-57. A sign dedicated to the memory of those guys will probably be deemed racist some day and then torn down.

There is sin in the white camp and sin in the black camp. It’s a two-way street. Many are tired of the cops and white conservatives getting vilified for all the world’s evils. Nearly 100 cops have been killed in America this year.

Do blue lives matter? Apparently not. Black Lives Matter needs to take their message to Chicago, where they kill each other daily. Don’t blame economic woes for such behavior. My parents grew up in the ‘30s with nothing, and they weren’t out shooting their neighbors or burning and looting.

We all have choices, and America gives us the greatest opportunity on the planet. Are things perfect? No. Dogs bark, cats meow and sinners sin. But Jesus said, Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

Jim Ehmen