To the editor:

Put a copy of the Sept. 2, 2020, Rantoul Press in a safe place so you can read it in 10 years and find out what happened to Rantoul, a town of 12,000 that did what most towns would not — mortgage their future on an idea that should be reserved for venture capitalists.

Long after Administrator Eisenhauer is gone, the mistake currently known as the Rantoul Family Sports Complex will remain. The Sept. 2 Rantoul Press has a front page that shows a lot of trucks moving dirt around to make eight baseball diamonds, and the back page tells the story of the first bid lost on the as-yet-uncompleted boondoggle that will wind up costing 30 million mostly taxpayer-funded dollars during a time of a pandemic, a historically terrible election, riots and a soon-to-be damaging recession caused by millions of homeowners and businesses facing the end of forbearances and demands to get current on delinquent mortgages and business loans.

I expect future administrators will only have an answer of “too late now.”

Alan Ludwig

Rural Rantoul