To the editor:

I would like to to give a shout out to the staff at Rantoul Township High School for their efforts in making sure that the seniors had a graduation. Although nothing was held in a “traditional” way, this was a graduation that will NEVER be forgotten.

Everything from lighting up the football field lights on Friday nights, to the staff personally delivering the caps and gowns and yard signs and making sure that every graduate had their chance to “walk the stage” in order to receive their diploma, all while practicing social distancing and donning face masks. The graduation video that was produced and shown live last Friday night — the night of their originally planned graduation — was unique but very well done.

As my daughter’s senior year began, I found myself shedding a lot of tears as I came to the reality of everything that she has worked so hard for over the last four years, were coming to an end, but I had no clue that her senior year would end in March.

As I watched the graduation video, it really hit me and made me realize just how much the teachers and staff at RTHS truly care about the kids and how much they will be missed. The seniors deserved to be honored as well as given the right of passage of high school graduation, that they ALL have earned.

The staff at RTHS saw to it that the kids were indeed, honored! I am so incredibly thankful to the staff at RTHS for making this graduation, one that we ALL will never forget.

Thank you again, and, congratulations to the RTHS class of 2020.

Joseph Tatar