I started to reflect on the pivotal moments of this year because it’s December, and that’s what people do in December: they sit down and compose a list of every person, place or thing they’ve crossed paths with throughout the entire year. 

I’m kidding. But what if I did compose a list. What would those pivotal moments be? Instead of gracing this page with minute details, I want to share with you just a few lessons I have learned and am learning yet in this year—only seven of them.

1. The truth will come out eventually. 

Wondering what people are saying and thinking about you will not alleviate your headache or stress. The truth will come out eventually. The challenge is to be your best self and treat people right.

2. Relationships require follow-up.

Professional relationships as well as personal relationships require follow-up (Develop employee seminar). Invest time in what you want to keep.

3. Allow others to impart into your life.

When we speak with others, is it a monologue or a dialogue? Moreover, when people give us advice, do we approach it and them with an open mind, or do we take offense? Don’t take it as an offense. If it helps, think of your younger sister (or someone else) coming to you with a bright idea and she is excited to tell you about it; then pivot that same perspective towards the actual person’s advice.

4. Be cautious of stereotyping. 

The moment I make a decision based on a stereotype is the moment I find out a book should not be judged by its title nor cover.

5. Decisions may be challenging, but God is able to make things clear to his children.

I was conversing with a pastor about a personal dilemma I had in which I didn’t know which path to take. He encouraged me to wait on God and to wait for clarity. The solution to my problem just lunged out at me one day out of nowhere — left me dumbfounded. Keep the faith and believe.

6. Remember to open up to God about everything you care about it.

 His tender mercies will not overlook even the tiniest details. 

7. Always seeking God first may not seem the most convenient thing to do, but honoring God allows us to receive His glory where it eclipses the entire situation, even to the point where time has no limit.

 As youth director at my church, there have been many times I’d get to the church early to set up for an event. Then, I would feel it in my spirit to seek God first. Though I’d like to get to working right away, I’d stop and pray. I’ve noticed that things flow effortlessly, and my agenda gets eclipsed by God’s beauty, harmony, providence, and the list goes on. 

I challenge you to find something you have learned and share it with someone you love because it is loving to share the lessons we have learned with someone else. I pray you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Quote for the month: 

“I came to Jesus as I was,

Weary, and worn, and sad;

I found in Him a resting-place,

And He has made me glad” (“I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say,” by Horatius Bonar.)

 Precious Angel Kelly, a native of Rantoul, writes a Christian-based monthly column. She welcomes correspondence at apreciouschild2@gmail.com