For Rantoul Press

I read your article (what a joke) about the water drainage program since 2000 that Rantoul paid a lot of money to install a retention pond off Maplewood.

I have lived on Magnolia Lane in Rantoul well before the year 2000. Every time it rains I still get 6 inches of standing water in my yard due to the fact that the connection pipe installed to the water retention pond drain which is on the Heritage Estates side of the fence collapsed  seven years ago, (which has been orange taped-off for years to keep the kids from falling into the hole) not allowing the water that accumulates in the trailer court to flow to the retention pond.

I chuckle when I read articles in the paper that state that some people have failed to pay their share of  water payments for this water retention pond etc. I live less than 30 feet from this big-money water retention pond, and the city has not connected or fixed (which I reported to the city/Heritage Estates, and they debate whose problem it is) their collapsed pipe in many years, and I still get 6 inches of water in my yard every time it rains.

Why should I pay my share of the taxes? But I do anyway. As I said before, what a joke. I bet the city mayor and administrators don’t have water in their yard when it rains.

Something else I was reviewing while reading your article about the sewage drainage problem and Rantoul. How does this sound: 

1) Vietnam-era veteran with disability forced to walk through 6 inches of water to go to doctor’s appointment. Happy Veterans Day. I believe if I was some other form of minority, the city would be head over heels fixing this problem of a collapsed pipe and flooding. 

2) Here’s the funny part about this backed-up water and collapsed pipe: Every time it rains the backed-up water enters the sewage non-capped system and goes through the sewer pipes or overflows with raw sewage in the yards and/or increases the rate of sewage treatment rates/dollars that we are forced to pay for monthly.

3) Like I said, what a joke. I loved your article.

Kenneth Butler is a resident of Rantoul.