For Rantoul Press

In the January meeting, the Fisher Village Board was approached by an individual seeking to open a video gaming parlor on the site of the old Amoco station at the corner of Third Street and U.S. 136.  

Since the current village liquor ordinances have no provision for an establishment selling alcohol by the drink (as required by state statute for a gaming parlor), he was inquiring as to the possibility of the board changing the ordinance to allow for such an establishment in the village of Fisher.  

Current village ordinances require the sale of food in addition to alcohol to sell by the drink for consumption on the premises.  The license requires that more than half the revenue be generated by the sale of food in a restaurant setting.

The gaming parlor would be a site in which video gambling machines would be used by patrons who could also purchase alcoholic beverages.

Several of these establishments have sprung up in Champaign and elsewhere, although some communities such as Paxton have not approved them at this time.  

Trustees indicated that in evaluating this request they would desire input from the public on the issue to determine their support or opposition. This is certainly a wise course of action.

To that end, the board will be considering the issue at the February meeting, Feb. 11, at 7 p.m. at the Community Center.  

Citizens will have the opportunity to express their views on the subject, and all are welcome to attend and provide input. The board will appreciate hearing from the citizens, pro or con, as they consider this significant change.

Milt Kelly is mayor of the village of Fisher.