For Rantoul Press

There has been quite a bit of back-and-forth on the issue of Brookhill Golf Course and the fate of it and the park district. Despite this back-and-forth, village citizens are probably still finding themselves not fully informed on this issue.

There are some questions to consider, of which the park board, the village or Mr. Jack Anderson could possibly answer:

A lot of figures have been thrown around regarding this issue. How are we (the citizens) supposed to know which numbers are accurate?

Regardless, where is the logic in keeping open a golf course that is bleeding money from year-to-year?

We’ve heard statements on dissolution saving money, and statements saying there won’t be any savings seen. But no verified figures to back up either.

Should the parks fall to the village, the money originally levied for the park district would still be levied and would fall to the village. If Brookhill remains open or required to be maintained in any way, the same deficit would be seen. Correct?

The logic of having both a park district AND a village parks/recreation department should be questioned.

Doesn’t this amount to taxpayers paying for duplicitous (or what appears to be duplicitous) services? Where’s the necessity in funding both entities?

Has there been any developments with IDNR in regard to the 1970 binding (essentially forever?) agreement? How could the village be held legally liable for an agreement made with the park district?

The heart of the issue seems to be that Brookhill one-way or the other needs to be cut loose, whether the park district is dissolved or not.

If IDNR allowed Brookhill to close, would dissolution of the park district be necessary? How would that affect the duplicitous nature of funding a park district and a village parks/recreation department to the taxpayer?

These are just a few considerations that need to be better addressed by the park district, the village and the Friends of Rantoul’s Parks.

Dylan Massey is a resident of Rantoul.