For Rantoul Press

Mayor Charles Smith,

When I approached you regarding the opening on the board of trustees, I expressed to you my desire to work together with the current board of trustees and staff members to bring about positive and necessary change to move the village of Rantoul forward in a professional manner.

I felt that my education in accounting coupled with over 35 years of experience in accounting and business management would be a valuable asset on the current board. The village is faced with challenges on many fronts impacting both revenue production and control of overhead costs, and individuals experienced in accounting and business management need to step up to move Rantoul forward.

Having spent time with village staff reviewing the budget and related current issues surrounding the budget, I became even more convinced I have valuable experience and knowledge which I could use to work together with current board members and staff to move Rantoul forward.

My desire to serve the community I have called home for over 40 years was even stronger after meeting with your professional and knowledgeable staff members.

In the course of our discussions, I brought forward the concern regarding my wife and her current employment status with the village of Rantoul. I indicated I did not want this issue to be an unnecessary distraction as it is critical that the board work together to move the village of Rantoul forward in these difficult times.

Unfortunately, I have since become aware that this issue will most likely overshadow my credibility that I could bring to the position. As a longtime resident who cares deeply about the future of Rantoul, I believe that nothing is more important at this critical time than uniting the board, village staff and citizens in order to move the community forward in a positive, cohesive direction.

Realizing that my appointment may not be in the best interest of achieving that goal, I am respectfully requesting that my name be withdrawn from further consideration for the vacancy on the village board.

I sincerely wish you and the board the very best in selecting an excellent member of this community to fill this important position.

Rantoul is a great community that I have been proud to call him, and I look forward to exploring other opportunities to use my experience to serve my neighbors.

I am very proud of the contributions that my family has made to the community over the past 40 years; however, my desire to serve has nothing to do with what we have done, but what action we will take to move forward and secure a better future for those who make Rantoul home.

Mike Runyon is a resident of Rantoul.