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Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker made an unqualified demand for state Sen. Tom Cullerton’s resignation after he was indicted on bribery charges. He made an unqualified demand for state Sen. Martin Sandoval’s resignation as a committee chair after his office was raided by federal agents. He made a…

An effective starting point for reforming the criminal justice system would be allowing law enforcement officers to step down from the “hero” pedestal Americans placed them on after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

George Floyd is beyond anyone’s capacity to hurt him now, but some people have made it their cause to insult him even in death. Among the misinformation now circulating over American fences and on social media is the grotesque lie that Floyd did not actually die last month, or that his death…

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Have you found yourself praying more since the coronavirus moved into our lives? Well, I have.

By DEBRA RAWLINGSFor Rantoul Press"Old enough to fight, old enough to vote."The idea that 18-year-old boys who were old enough to be drafted should be old enough to vote for the people who sent them to war first surfaced during World War II.

By MARK GRANTFor Rantoul PressThe big push early in the 101st General Assembly is to nearly double Illinois’ minimum wage from $8.25 to $15 per hour by 2025. Raising it 80 percent over six years will have serious negative consequences for small businesses and their workers.

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By FREDDIE L. THOMASFor Rantoul PressAs far as local issues, the most important question facing Rantoul is on the ballot and reads, “Shall the village be divided into six districts with one trustee elected from each district?”A “yes” vote gives Rantoul the chance for positive change.

By CHUCK SMITHFor Rantoul PressLast week in the Rantoul Press, Wendell Golston attempted to connect the Rantoul Tomorrow initiative to the political referendum titled “six-trustee district.”This referendum will be on the Nov. 6 ballot. Before you make your decision on this referendum, please…

By MICHAEL SCHLOSSERFor Rantoul PressIn response to Jim Cheek’s letter to the editor on Aug. 14, 2018, titled “Voters will decide our fate,” it is true that voters have always determined the board make-up. This is not what needs fixed within our democratic society.  

By DEBBRA SWEATFor Rantoul PressToday, blacks still encounter roadblocks from going to the polls. Historically, voter suppression tactics used were poll taxes, literacy tests, threats, fear and intimidation.

By JIM CHEEKFor Rantoul Press“Voters to have say on board make-up” read the headlines on last week’s Rantoul Press. Is that a new concept? Isn’t it the voter who has always determined the board make-up?

By WENDELL POTTERFor Rantoul PressOne of the selling points for the tax bill President Trump signed into law a few weeks ago is that it will spur job growth because corporations will use money they otherwise would have paid in taxes to hire more workers.

By DAVID FULTONFor Rantoul PressThe color of a caterpillar, squirrels hoarding early in the summer, the higher in the tree a hornet’s nest — the higher the snow fall, abundance of acorns, overly fat skunks are all folklore predictors of the coming winter. Predicting the weather can be tricky…

By JACK ANDERSONFor Rantoul PressPrevious articles and guest commentaries in the Press have detailed how village trustee Chad Smith purchased two vacant lots on Quinlan Place for $25,000 to build a 5,000-square-foot house, only to discover there was a storm sewer line straddling the lots.

By JACK ANDERSONFor Rantoul PressIn last week’s edition of the Rantoul Press, Dave Hinton reported in his article, “Village official addresses controversy,” that Village Administrator Jeff Fiegenschuh had addressed the village board over the rerouting of a storm sewer line around village tru…

By JACK ANDERSONFor Rantoul PressAs we all know, water flows best downhill and in a straight line. Last fall it was observed the village of Rantoul was replacing a portion of storm sewer that once ran in a straight line with 163 more feet of pipes, some making 90 degree turns.

Letter writers who wish to submit an epistle regarding a candidate or issue for the April 4 election may do so right up until March 29, the final edition of the Press before the election.

By DEBBRA SWEATFor Rantoul Press I am writing to express my thoughts and concerns regarding recent articles in the Rantoul Press.I have been a resident of Rantoul for almost 50 years. I have watched Rantoul flourish in some areas and diminish in others.

By LYNN PODOLLFor Rantoul PressOnce in a while a film comes along that simply cries out for a large audience. I believe “Hidden Figures,” which opened locally on Jan. 6, is one of those movies.

By Richard JeanFor Rantoul PressJack Anderson and the self-named “Friends of Rantoul Parks” (FRP) have gone too far. It is one thing to use half-truths and scare tactics to try and push their agenda. But now they have stooped to a new low and leveled a personal attack on a private citizen, T…

Wednesday, Oct. 26, is the final Rantoul Press edition in which statements may be made in opinion articles that require a response regarding issues and candidates in Nov. 8 election. Most likely drawing the greatest local attention is the question of whether the Rantoul Park District should …

By DYLAN MASSEYFor Rantoul PressThere has been quite a bit of back-and-forth on the issue of Brookhill Golf Course and the fate of it and the park district. Despite this back-and-forth, village citizens are probably still finding themselves not fully informed on this issue.

By MILT KELLYFor Rantoul PressIn view of the response of some to the report of our last meeting I feel I must at least make an effort to clarify my position and present an accurate portrayal of our comments at the last meeting regarding village revenue.

By AUSTIN BERGFor Rantoul PressNobody has less trust in their state government than Illinoisans.For years, Gallup polling has placed the Land of Lincoln dead last in the nation on that measure.Who can blame us?