You can still adopt a horse

Beth Shirk, one of the morning volunteers at Society for Hooved Animals Rescue and Emergency, walks Dapples, one of the  sanctuary ponies. 


RURAL DEWEY —  Society for Hooved Animals Rescue and Emergency had scheduled the It’s All About Horse event for July 6. But it had to be cancelled. 

It was to introduce our adoptable horses to people who where interested in adopting one (or two.) Due to unforeseen circumstances, SHARE had to cancel the event. Even though it was  cancelled, we have the adoption request form on our website, with pictures and information at

 You can also become a member of SHARE  by donating $10 a month. Members receive the quarterly newsletter and a SHARE t-shirt. Just let us know the size and mailing address after you begin your monthly donation. With this donation members help SHARE meet its financial obligations to feed and care for the SHARE horses. Yes, we do need financial help to help feed our critters.

Speaking of critters, the horses appear to tolerate the heat quite well. Being out in open pasture, it’s possible to pick up a breeze. But these guys are so busy chomping grass they apparently pay no attention until we holler “dinner time.” 

Then they all crowd against the gate to be the first one out, paying no attention to the volunteer trying to open the gate. Who cares if the toes get stepped on. We have learned to do a quick-step and move out of the way.

 This is the time of year again when box fans are so needed for each stall. By trying to get as close as possible to the fan the horses have the tendency to butt the fan, and of course demolish it on the way. 

To keep the horses cool and the flies off, we replace the fan as quickly as possible. If you have a workable box fan, notify me, and I will pick it up. 

I mentioned flies There are so many! We do place fly masks on many of the horses. Makes them look like aliens, but it helps.  

A donation toward fly spray or another fly preventative would be appreciated. We use a lot of spray.

SHARE is in need of volunteers at the moment, especially for Saturday and Sunday. Everyone needs a vacation, especially our regular volunteers. Email me at if you are interested. Age requirement: 16-100.

 I picked a great day to volunteer today. The weather was much cooler, and with new volunteers working with our regular volunteers, the chores were quickly completed. Please come and join our group of volunteers.

 Heide Fogal, a Rantoul resident, is volunteer coordinator at SHARE.