Fogal: Two new mares adopted at SHARE;  consider gift to keep rescue going

Fancy with volunteer Steve


RURAL DEWEY — Thanksgiving came so quickly, and along with the holiday came two new rescues. 

Fancy and Julie joined SHARE (the Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency) at that time. Both were abandoned when their owner moved out of state and left them at the boarding facility. 

Rather than have them sent to auction, with the possibility of them being bought by a kill-buyer, SHARE stepped up and took them in. 

Fancy is an Appaloosa, and Julie is a bald-faced quarter horse. 

Both mares are older — upper teens-early 20s perhaps. They are being evaluated to see where their training is. So far they are sweet ladies, enjoying the company of the volunteers and the grooming. More updates later as we learn more about these mares.

 With the addition of the two mares we now have 40-plus horses on hand, counting ponies and our minis. I have in the past mentioned the great need for donations to keep the rescue running. We have very few adoptables on hand, some pasture pets, but mostly our sanctuary horses.  

We don’t sell horses. We do have applications available on our website if you’re interested in adopting. Because of the many horses and since we’re a non-profit organization, I’d like to give you an approximation of what it costs to operate the rescue.

On an average we use 20 bales of hay daily. At the “reasonable” cost of $6 a bale, the cost is $120 a day. Then multiply that by 30 and the cost comes out $3,600 a month for hay alone. 

Once you add in the cost of grain for the horses, you can only guess the cost of keeping SHARE going. Then there’s the farrier cost — he comes every two weeks and does the feet of 10 horse each time. This is a continuous thing. 

Add the cost of medicine for our special-needs horses and emergency vet care, our cost is on the low side of $5,900 each and every month. 

So you see, your donations are definitely needed and so appreciated. You do make a difference in the life of a horse. Donations can be mailed to SHARE, PO BOX 8196, Champaign, Il. 61826 or our website

 From our oldest to our youngest, from the tallest to the smallest our horses wish you the happiest of holidays. 

 Heide Fogal, a Rantoul resident, is volunteer coordinator at SHARE.